Chapter 1590 (Teaser)

[The target has received 1,507,344,962 damage.]

[This is an unbelievable achievement...!]

[The heavenly gods are whispering after reading the pain on Cranbel’s face.]

[Martial God Zeratul’s momentum has increased. He is insisting that the agreement with the dragons should be discussed again.]

One blow was properly dealt.

The ultimate transcendent species or the absolute species—he caused significant damage to the world’s most powerful creature that had reigned supreme.

Grid’s heart was relieved. Zeratul’s reaction was a bit unpleasant, but it felt like the decade of congestion from frustration was going down. At the same time, new anxiety occurred. The power of the Breath exceeded expectations. The power of the Breath was 1.5 billion even with his stats halved. It was excessive considering the effect of Revolve Dragon Drop Pinnacle Kill, which amplified the damage of the counterattack as much as possible.

A dragon’s defense would far surpass Grid’s defense. He had thought it would be cool if he could deal damage in the tens of millions...

‘Doesn’t it mean it is directly over if I am hit by that one blow?’

Grid’s fall, which had been going on for a while, stopped. His skin flaps seemed to flip. It was close to a random jerking of his body. It was due to the ignorantly strong pressure. Grid’s body was being sucked deep into the collapsed underground. The legendary and myth rated items on his body were helpless. The physical phenomenon created by the law of the Dragon...

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