Chapter 1588 (Teaser)

Since ancient times, humanity had regarded the stars as special. They admired the shining stars even in the distant universe. This was why the noblest humans were often likened to them. It was also the basis for Braham’s belief that he was the best.

He was the one who pulled down the stars. He naturally trivialized the humans who compared themselves to stars.

It was a temperament that had become more prominent recently. The magic theories that were rebuilt based on the enlightenment gained from fighting Gamigin, the power of the direct descendant that was restored due to Marie Rose’s whim that rapidly strengthened his mana and physique, and the evolution of his equipment thanks to Grid’s favor—Braham was entering his best prime period ever.

He was confident that he could protect Grid’s back and he believed that he could face any opponent as long as they weren’t outside the standards like dragons or the Martial God.

A little while earlier, he was even more convinced. That dragon that he encountered after following Marie Rose’s traces. He wasn’t too afraid considering that both of the dragon’s wings were torn off. It felt completely different from when he met Trauka in the past.

That magic power in the atmosphere that shared its senses with Braham was shouting in unison. Maybe it was worth discussing the odds. Braham could’ve looked at being the first dragon slayer in history if it wasn’t for the interruption of the three dragons that invaded the scene in real time.

It was arrogance.

[There is no being who can leave here.]

Braham was held to the rule set by the Dragon Words and realized...

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