Chapter 1587 (Teaser)

“Let’s go back.”

Biban stared blankly at the flashing dragon radar before rising from his seat. Every time he breathed, he scattered transparent waves in the shape of a blade. Thousands of intangible swords emerged involuntarily. Even now, he was about to express misunderstandings.

“This isn’t bragging. In fact, I know Braham. He will remember my face clearly.”

“I know it well, even if you didn’t confess. Why do you think you are monopolizing the cleaning duty?”

“...Braham might’ve vaguely noticed the existence of the tower. It is just that he is clever and closed-mouthed, so he didn’t say it.”

“Braham isn’t a man of virtue.”

“Certainly. A magician of that level will be close to a madman.” 

“It is ominous just from his origin. He is a vampire. The vampires have a drastic shift in tendency due to Grid, but what about their shady nature?”


The emergence of four dragons—due to the urgency, the atmosphere of the tower was very tumultuous. They felt lighter than the heart of a bachelor who was excited in spring and almost floated recklesslyBiban’s words were constantly interrupted and he frowned as he felt the limits of his patience. 

“Trust me once. No, trust Grid. Even if Braham sees us and is certain of our existence, Grid will firmly control him.”

“There is no reason to do this.”

Radwolf simply ignored...

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