Chapter 1586 (Teaser)

Intelligence wasn’t a measure of goodness. Compared to insects who just responded to their instincts, the more intelligent a creature, the more selfish and cruel they were. It was simple when thinking of humans.

[Is it Gujel?]

[No, it is his son.]

[There must be many who are drooling.]

The dragons—the ultimate transcendent species, they were always great. They overwhelmed all others in both wisdom and strength. However, they had never been the subjects of the world. It was because they were brutal. It was virtually impossible for parents who ate their children or siblings who killed their siblings to work together to do big things.

Dragons were creatures that existed to the end. All they could rely on was themselves.


The sun seemed to fall to the ground. If a bit of exaggeration was added, it was reminiscent of a quasar. The waves of blood caused by Marie Rose and the energy of the Breath shot by Xenon swallowed up all the substances around it and eroded the giant city of Reidan.

‘It is dangerous.’

Xenon spread his wings wide. At the same time, he rose to the troposphere and his eyes headed toward the far east. It was the direction of his lair.

From the moment he was born until when he became an adult. It was...

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