Chapter 1583 (Teaser)

The seven malignant saints episodes weren’t arranged for a single player. It was a structure in which many players discovered secrets by connecting with the seven malignant saints and proceeding with quests. There were currently five players doing the seven malignant saints episodes.

The 1st evil, Jake, and Zibal’s Providence.

The 2nd evil, Diana, and Haster’s Heroic Story.

The 3rd evil, Rayleigh, and Agnus’ Supreme Ruler. 

The 4th evil, Taren, and Grid’s God's Command.

The 5th evil, Leeha, and Kraugel’s Quick Command.

Who first came to know about the concept of the seven malignant saints? It was naturally Kraugel. Kraugel’s episode progress was also the highest. However, the first person to gain the power of one of the seven evils was Grid. On the other hand, Zibal gained the power the latest.

However, Zibal contributed the most to the growth and survival of the 6th evil, Zik, and discovered the truth of the seal of the seven malignant saints. This meant that the process wasn’t very important. Players related to the seven malignant saints learned the secrets of the seven malignant saints together, regardless of the order.

It happened naturally even if there was no contact point. It was because the seven malignant saints were so famous.

Didn’t Hanul, one of the gods of the beginning, try to recruit Zik? It was from the...

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