Chapter 1582 (Teaser)

“Stop adding cheese to fried rice. I feel uncomfortable just looking at it because you are putting too much cheese in the rice stir-fried in pork oil. It is better to add more kimchi.”

At a pork belly restaurant near Youngwoo’s building...

All the Overgeared members living in South Korea gathered in this place. It was to celebrate the success of today’s festival in the Overgeared Empire. At first, the atmosphere was harmonious. Fried rice was cooked on an iron plate. This was until Lauel was tackled by Peak Sword as he was sprinkling additional cheese on top. Well, Peak Sword didn’t tackle Lauel, but these words were still correct.

“...Why don’t you stop paying attention to my fried rice and focus on your own fried rice?”

“Didn’t you always insist on it? We have a duty to teach people who eat food in the wrong way.”

“Wrong way? Is it wrong to sprinkle mozzarella on fried rice? Are you serious? Are you disparaging South Korea’s traditional food culture?”

“I just pointed out that the amount was too much. Besides, I presented kimchi as a solution. Isn’t it traditional Korean food culture to add kimchi to fried ric...

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