Chapter 1581 (Teaser)

Wouldn’t it be okay if he didn’t try anymore?

Grid thought this.

He watched Jishuka smiling brightly. A person who was happy from hearing that she worked hard. Grid was happy just watching her. He felt it was the reward for all his hardships.

All the responsibilities he bore were heavy. He didn’t have enough time to share happiness with his loved ones. So how long did he have to look ahead and run like he did now? He even felt such skepticism. Of course, this was only for a moment.

Grid looked at the empire he had built up. Colleagues he could rely on, soldiers who gave their lives and were loyal, the cheering people...

He reaffirmed their appearance of trusting and following him and controlled his shaky heart.

‘The idea of wanting some relaxation... it is still a luxury.’

First of all, he had to kill Baal. There were no dreams of hope for humanity unless they could return the distorted hell to its original state. Those who learned that death was the beginning of eternal suffering, not rest—the reason they maintained a good spirit and lived pretending things were fine was purely because they believed in Grid and the Overgeared Empire. They held out with the belief that Grid and the Overgeared Empire would help them as always.

‘...Come to think of it, I do this often.’

He had many thoughts when looking at Jishuka. At this moment, Grid clearly realized why he kept doing this.

‘I like Jishuka very much.’

He liked her so much that he thought of the future together. As a result, all types...

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