Chapter 1580 (Teaser)

“Jishuka has S-grade individual ability. Ever since becoming the Bow Saint, she has no weaknesses because she is strong even in close-range battles.”

“Most of Jishuka’s melee skills are counters, right? It isn’t easy to hit if the other person is vigilant in advance.”

“That is the problem of your fingers. Isn’t Jishuka different from you?”

“How dare a man who is nothing evaluate Dia hyung-nim’s fingers?”

“That is Player Diana. What type of nonsense are you saying?”

Ah, really... Please don’t be ridiculous.”

One of the main sources of income for high rankers was the portrait rights. They earned high profits not only from their images being used in broadcasting, advertising, and photography, but also from their images used as secondary creations. A typical example was games.

Games—the cultural life that modern humanity preferred the most. People weren’t satisfied with just one Satisfy. It was an unavoidable physical issue. The premise was that they had to use the capsule to play Satisfy. It meant it was hard to do it in parallel with work. There was also a timeout. There was a limit to playing all day long during the holidays or enjoying a short break.

This was why video games and mobile games still remained in existence. People felt that games other than virtual reality games were somewhat trivial, but they couldn’t completely turn a blind eye to them. They used these games as a ...

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