Chapter 158 (Teaser)

Chapter 158

‘Now I’ll start.’

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid had referred to Malacus’ absolute shield when making the pavranium into discs. 

It was designed exclusively for defensive purposes. Therefore, it had high defense capabilities, but its attack power was significantly lower. It failed to cause a scratch on the enemy unless there was a critical. In order to exert more power in the pet marathon, it would be better to emphasize attack rather than defense.

‘Anyway, the durability is limitless. No matter how many pets attack, they can’t hurt the pavranium. I need a form suitable for attack.’

However, Grid currently only owned a very small amount of pavranium, around the size of an egg. He didn’t have enough to make two daggers.

‘Something different.’

How could he make it more efficient? Grid worried for a while before coming up with an idea.


Kaaang! Kaaang!

Grid started to delicately shape the pavranium using his overwhelming high dexterity that surpassed all of...

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