Chapter 1577 (Teaser)



At the center of the World Tree Forest...

The transparent orange waves decorated it in a dizzying manner. It was a sight where dozens of constellations seemed to be gathered together. It felt like the universe had fallen to the ground, but it was actually the trajectory of Overgeared God Grid.The afterimages of his battle route made his feats a reality for the eyewitnesses.

“Sniff sniff.” Filewolf tracked Grid in a specific way. He tried to smell with a nose that didn’t exist. It was because he thought about the scent of metal that he was immersed in during his lifetime. Every time Grid swung a sword, Filewolf felt steel from the spreading waves.

It was a natural process. The Elemental King of Light scattered light every time it was cut by Grid. It reflected and dispersed light like sunlight hitting steel. Filewolf noticed it with one glance. Grid’s nature, or in other words, his divinity, had changed.

‘No, a god’s nature can’t change easily.’

A change in divinity meant betrayal and depravity. Take Rebecca for example. People believed in her and worshiped her because she was the goddess of light. If the divinity she had wasn’t light, but instead something else, it would be an act of deceit and betrayal for those who believed in her...

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