Chapter 1576 (Teaser)

According to the words of Sword Saint Biban, the sword dances were just a means of directing a ritual. In fact, Pagma was very weak in the past episodes of the Hwan Kingdom that Grid experienced. He had a different temperament from the other yangbans and was treated differently.

Pagma was raised as a priest to ‘assist the gods’ rather than a ‘god.’ It was a type of disposal. It was right to see it as the expelled gods abandoning him due to his different tendencies and abilities rather than making him a yangban. Therefore—

For Grid, the sword dances were a trace and legacy of the underprivileged. He felt a sense of kinship. He could never turn a blind eye to it even when the limitations were pointed out by the strong and sometimes ridiculed.

From Golden Flash and Unbreakable Justice to the skills gained from the Behen Archipelago, magic learned from Braham, the power of the runes, the duke titles, the swordsmanship of the Undefeated King, and blood magic—Grid had always gained new power. There were cases where these new powers transcended the power and potential of the sword dances.

Grid had been subconsciously turning away from them. Rather, he became more obsessed with the sword dances and trained in them. It was out of the fear that he might be denying himself the moment he abandoned the sword dances, discussing their shortcomings, weaknesses, and limitations.

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