Chapter 1575 (Teaser)

[It is good to see you in this state! Kuhat! Kuhahahat!]

The flames roared. They were synchronized with the emotions of the Elemental King of Fire and expanded as the laughter of the Elemental King of Fire intensified. The good news was that the Elemental King of Water acted as a sprinkler, which avoided the situation of the surrounding bushes turning into ashes.

Grid stood between the mixed up fire and water and clearly grasped the propensity of the Elemental Kings.

‘They don’t have deceptive personalities that use empty words.’

In the last five days, Grid had carefully observed the elementals. They were rulers of a dimension. Even if he didn’t ask, they made alcohol out of water, a mat out of wind, and dining table and tableware out of earth. He had no choice but to be wary of those who showed him more favor than they needed to, even if it meant bending their pride. Enemies who hid their hostility under goodwill were simply dangerous.

However, he became certain at this moment. The Elemental Kings weren’t the type to hide their intentions. The attitude of the Elemental King of Fire, who died of joy when it saw the Elemental King of Light in Yura’s hands, proved it.

‘It really does hate the Elemental King of Light.’ 

Now that he saw it, they were beings that were honest with their feelings. The favor directed toward him was also likely to be sincere. It should be noted that the call of the world tree wasn’t compulsory....

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