Chapter 1574 (Teaser)

Names sometimes had great power. It was because it was a symbol of existence. 

Overgeared King, Overgeared God, Overgeared Emperor, and Grid—at this moment, all of the names that signified Grid were exerting influence all over the world.


The name of the Elemental King of Fire was the same. The source of all the flames in the world—its name followed where there was fire, and it could never be extinguished. However—

‘What is this?’

A little while ago, the Elemental King of Fire felt the horror of annihilation. The moment it was slashed by the sword of the human whom it didn’t properly identify, it became dizzy. It checked the flames that were scattering and sensed death. It was because the sweeping sword wind was so strong.

The physical phenomenon caused by the human motion of ‘swinging a sword’ was tremendously powerful. That was all. Thus, it was even more absurd.

‘A god with extreme power?’

The Elemental King of Fire had often experienced the human world. It was because humans who were qualified to sign contracts with it were born every few hundred years. It was not ignorant...

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