Chapter 1573 (Teaser)

“Thank you.” 

She would surely call the five Elemental Kings, even if it meant withering. Grid felt the sincere will and eliminated the traces of doubt buried deep in his heart.

‘I’m certain. The world tree doesn’t have a friendly relationship with Asgard.’ 

In fact, it was natural. If the world tree had interacted with the gods, she wouldn’t have become sick from Yatan’s essence. Additionally, the Overgeared Guild wouldn’t have contracted with the elementals. 

The reason Grid had been wary of the world tree was that, at the roots, the world tree was a divine tree. People believed that the world tree was a tree planted by the gods. There was a story that the first thing Rebecca did when creating the world was to plant the world tree. 

From Grid’s perspective, it was difficult to rule out the possibility that the world tree was under Rebecca’s control. Putting aside the rapport that his colleagues shared with the elements, he was mindful of the possibility of being betrayed by the world tree. 

Fortunately, it was groundless. At this moment, the world tree declared that she would give her lifespan for Grid. It wasn’t empty words. The world tree immediately put it into practice. Graphics that were hard to see in any culture emerged around the world tree and formed rules. The rules produced new forms, colors, and attributes, and became four different magic circles. 

“Mother...!” The...

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