Chapter 1572 (Teaser)

The giants perished over a thousand years ago. Their civilization was submerged in the deep sea and completely disappeared. Humanity of the modern era had no way of knowing the history of the giants. 

Stormbringer, Argo, God’s Circle, etc. This was why the great treasures of the species who destroyed demons and confronted dragons were forgotten. 

“Among the treasures of the giants, God’s Circle has the greatest versatility and is very complex. It isn’t easy to repair.” 


“Still, I can do it. I am the one who led the design of God’s Circle.” 


The brothers, Fronzaltz and Radwolf, were excited. It was the moment when they encountered the history that they thought had disappeared. Emotions came flooding in like a tsunami. Filewolf’s behavior of caressing his chest made of cold metal was no longer unpleasant. It didn’t matter what he looked like or what he did. It was worthwhile even if he was a beast that stank of cheap feces. 

“There is just one problem. God’s Circle is a treasure that is made of 32 types of metals, adding the cutting edge technology built by dozens of scientists throughout their lives and the elemental power gained through the favor of the world tree. There are endless calculations, so readjustment is necessary if there is even...

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