Chapter 1569 (Teaser)

“Duke of Amplification.” 

Betty was the first person in human history to sign a contract with Baal. This meant that her talent captured Baal’s attention. However, she couldn’t refuse the hand that Baal held out to her. It might be a talent that was gained in exchange for a rough fate. 

In any case, her skills were still being proven. The status of a tower member. She was a powerful person who became a tower member after being abandoned by Baal. One of the sources of that power was—

“The magic and techniques of the Duke of Amplification are twice as strong as the theory.” 

Increase the power of skills. This was the power of amplification. It was a mystery created by Betty’s knowledge and ideas that made different judgments even when looking at the same formulas as others. 

‘It is like Braham’s enhanced magic.’

The enhanced magic more than tripled the power of ‘magic,’ while Duke of Amplification increased the power of ‘all types of techniques’ by two times. Rather than being versatile, the limit was low and there were side effects. Not only did it double the power, but it also doubled the cooldown. 

If he had to differentiate it, this proved that Betty’s talent was slightly worse than Braham’s. 

‘It isn’t that Betty is bad, but that Braham is too great.’ 

Would Braham’s high nose remain uncrushed in the future? Mumud was the only person in history who made...

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