Chapter 1567 (Teaser)

There was an auditory hallucination in his mind. Just like glass shattering, it was the aftermath of the incident. 

Oof...!” Grid’s complexion turned blue as he retched. His heart was in tatters. It was torn apart. It was a pain proportional to the greatness of the happiness he felt a while ago. 

[Overgeared God. A great person who overshadows the years. Perhaps I have a strange feeling toward you.] 

Ifrit’s voice hovered in his ears. It was vivid. She was the one whom Grid had just shared warmth with. The memory was too clear to be remembered vaguely. 

[However, don’t worry. It was a mania temporarily suffered due to the influence of being exposed to Baal’s power.] 

She mistook an unfamiliar liking for a disease. It was proof that she had lived close to eternity and had been alone all her life. 

[Continue in the future...] 

She stopped the word ‘together’ in embarrassment. The faint smile in her eyes that even she might not be aware of. 

[It is strange that my heart feels itchy every time you speak. As expected, mania seems to fit. I am going to leave before it gets worse.] 

She didn’t distinguish...

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