Chapter 1565 (Teaser)

Shin Youngwoo’s biography came out everywhere. The world was flooded with Grid’s name, even if they didn’t turn on the TV or access the Internet. This was why half of Grid’s mind was used to maintain his composure. From a certain point, Grid started to be careful. He was always focused and tried not to be swept away by his emotions. 

It was surprisingly hard work. Wasn’t it the essence of a human to cheer, celebrate, and get excited when there was even a bit of joy? It couldn’t be easy to suppress the essence. 

However, Grid managed to do it. As he felt a lot of joy that ordinary people would never experience in their lives, he endured the waves of emotions that pushed like a tsunami every time, or he dispelled it with a single cheer. It was never buried. It was necessary in his position. There was the fate of so many on his shoulders and he needed to keep calm. He had to be cautious. 

This was why Grid became polite whenever he encountered an opponent stronger than himself. He was forced to bend his posture because he was worried he would cause harm to others, not because he was cowa...

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