Chapter 1564 (Teaser)

Strength, authority, life, and eternity—the symbolic meaning of a ‘horn’ was very powerful. It was revered regardless of the era and culture. Trauka’s act of cutting off and eating Ifrit’s horn meant castration and plunder. It was the most fatal cause of Ifrit’s weakening. 

Ifrit lost her strength, authority, and right to eternal life. She suffered from the wounds and curses left by Trauka, and slowly fell to the point where she would die. It was a separate matter from the combat force that Ifrit was preserving. It was a type of inevitability. 

Ifrit had no choice but to be drawn to Baal’s power. 

The fragment of Baal’s power—it was a product of Baal’s obsession with playing around. The nobler and greater the target, the stronger it functioned. It was an irresistible temptation for Ifrit, who couldn’t recover. It was an option she couldn’t turn away from even though she knew she would be Baal’s toy. 

Ifrit eventually made a choice. 

That was when Grid appeared. There was greater hope than the fragment of Baal’s power and Ifrit wanted to overturn the inevitability of being eaten. 

Overgeared God Grid—his presence was extremely p...

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