Chapter 1563 (Teaser)

‘It is so uncomfortable. How did I live without Shunpo?’ 

Shunpo was restricted. The magic of the three masters that surrounded the city blocked all space movement techniques. Grid felt more uncomfortable than he imagined. It was much harder than when he lost his limbs during battle. 

The power of Shunpo was that outstanding. A technique that allowed him to move anywhere within his field of view. There was bound to be a big difference from when he had Shunpo and when he didn’t. In particular, the opponent in front of him was Mir. He was a strong rival who used the speed of the blue dragon by completely embodying the power of the Four Auspicious Beasts. 

It was virtually impossible to respond to that speed without Shunpo. His transcendent senses might recognize the attacks that reached supersonic speed, but Grid’s motor abilities couldn’t respond. 

That’s right. Mir was faster than before although there was still the premise that the blue dragon’s power should be activated. He felt much faster and stronger than when he fought against Raphael a month ago. This was a unique growth power when comparing it to all the worldview existences that he had witnessed so far. 

After all, one of the beginner gods, Hanul made him to be Baal and Raphael’s enemy. Chiyou must’ve been watching Mir with anticipation before meeting Grid. Mir was proving that his potential suited his background. 

It was normal for Grid to have no chance of winning. It was right to say that Grid’s defeat was set from the time that Shunpo was sealed. However, there were other things to consider. Grid’s growth rate was comparable to Mir’s...

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