Chapter 1562 (Teaser)

[You have taken a highest grade recovery potion.] 

[You have taken Haeju’s Potion.] 

[You have taken hemostasis medicine.]

 [You have taken a sedative.] 


The lower body of the struggling Old Sword Demon was tinged with various colors. It was a sign of hastily drinking potions. It was reminiscent of a clown’s makeup. Old Sword Demon found it hard to keep up with the situation. 

Suddenly, a dragon appeared. Dozens of robots ran around and finally, there was an explosion that destroyed the city. The scale of the incident was too large to understand and respond to. There was no such absurdity. 

‘This isn’t the place for me to be.’

Grid and a dragon—they were transcendents who eclipsed ordinary yangbans. The level was too high. There was nothing he could do if he returned to the scene. Nevertheless, he was thinking about going back. It was to take care of even one more injured person. 

‘There will be many people waiting for help...’ 

The leather armor that Old Sword Demon was proud of had become rags. His body that was covered with all types of wounds was no different. However, Old Sword Demon moved in a busy manner. The people who fortunately survived the explosion a few moments ago. In order...

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