Chapter 1561 (Teaser)


Grid was fascinated by the flames in the roaring furnace. 

A small and unattractive portable furnace—the heat in it was hot. It easily melted a dragon’s bones and claws, but it wasn’t ferocious. An explosive heat that could melt even the largest furnace was being contained in the portable furnace. There was a strong feeling of protecting himself from disappearing in the heat. It approached him kindly. The word ‘warmth’ came to mind. 

‘It is responding to Ifrit’s will.’ 

It felt like the flames were alive and breathing. It was different from other flames that sought combustion, extinction, and destruction. The appearance of a clear willpower and putting forward different possibilities resembled the flames of the red phoenix. It might not have the strong vitality of the red phoenix’s flames, but it was hard to see it as a flaw. Instead, the destructive power that exceeded the flames of the red phoenix wriggled from inside the core. 

In other words, the flames of Ifrit and the flames of the red phoenix were equal. They had different strengths, but it was difficult to discuss which one was inferior or superior. This was shocking considering that the Four Auspicious Beasts represented the East Continent. The strength of the Four Auspicious Beasts might not be as strong as their prime...

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