Chapter 155 (Teaser)

Chapter 155

“Finally... To hell... By God Yatan’s side... I can go...”


The decrepit body of the old man fell to the cold floor. The whole world cheered as soon as they saw him turn to grey light.

『 Oh...! Ohhh! Awesome! The first legendary class, Pagma's Successor has defeated the Fourth Servant of the Yatan Church! It’s truly a remarkable achievement! 』


『 Neberius is level 300. He’s a third advancement dark magician and a hidden boss. He defeated that enemy alone? The ability of a legendary class is amazing. 』

North America.

『 I wouldn’t say he succeeded in the raid alone. Didn’t the Tzedakah Guild consume Neberius’s health and magic power before he appeared? 』


『 If it wasn’t for the Tzedakah Guild, would Pagma's Successor be able to knock down Neberius alone? 』

『 We can’t be sure. 』 

South America.

『 What are the pros and cons of Pagma's Successor that could be observed in this battle? 』

Oceania, Africa, and so on. The international media of all continents broadcasted headlines about Pagma's Successor. There was an uproar in various communities.

-Defeated. A hidden boss was defeated in a one-man raid.

-I thought he was stupid after being hit by...

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