Chapter 1547 (Teaser)

It was after wiping out the remnants of the demonic creatures. 

Grid had to calm Chris, who was trying to jump into the Abyss, down. “What do you mean by trying to hunt in the Abyss? Have you forgotten that you aren’t even level 100 yet? Good hunting grounds for your level are all over the place.” 

“......” Chris barely calmed his excitement down. He got rid of his way of thinking from before his level was reset and reminded himself that there were so many options. There was just one concern. “I don’t know when the offensive of the demonic creatures will start again... I’m worried about being away from my position.”

The Abyss was the most important base. It was best to have the maximum power. 

‘You won't be much help due to your low level anyway.’ This was what Grid wanted to say. Grid thought it wasn’t a big deal, but he came to his senses. He remembered that he was the one who reset Chris’ level. He had to consider Chris’ mood. 

He spoke as kindly as possible, unlike his inner thoughts. “Your vacancy will be very big, but it will be okay. Trust your other colleagues.” 

“...Yes, I’ll have to leave for a while.” 

“Work hard to raise your level. I will soon come to you with a gift.” 

Grid had observed Chris’ battle carefully. He carefully understood the characteristics of Tzudan’s Successor and thought about what items to make for Chris. A surprise was also...

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