Chapter 1544 (Teaser)

The terrain of the Abyss wasn’t suitable for defense. The situation was different from the Behen Archipelago. At the Behen Archipelago, the moment the enemy appeared to occupy the ground and the sea, the defense forces could immediately build an encirclement and annihilate the enemy. 

First of all, the area of the Abyss was too large. It took more than half a day for a knight to walk all the way around it, so hundreds of thousands of soldiers were needed to thoroughly surround it. Even this had the risk of power distribution. It was a dark pit that had no light. It was impossible to observe the interior. It was virtually impossible to respond to the tens of thousands of demonic creatures that suddenly poured out from the huge pit without any precursors. 

Originally, the Abyss—to be precise, Titan, where the Abyss was located, was destined to fall to hell. It would’ve been the leading base for the demons and played a role in leading the war to victory. From Gamigin and Barbatos to Baal’s ego fragment—this was why the prominent beings appeared at the Abyss, not the Behen Archipelago. The main characters protecting it were Braham, Kyle, Euphemina, and the strategists of the allied forces. 

“They’re coming.” 

Braham had the ability to distinguish the magic power of the near-chaos Abyss and the demonic creatures coming from it. 

“The Adien flowers have withered and aftershocks have occurred in the east. The pearls have turned green. Ice, survival, large.” 

The strategists predicted the types of demonic creatures that would appear based on changes in the environment. Then...

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