Chapter 1543 (Teaser)

High ranker—it was a world-class hierarchy that ordinary people would never reach in their lifetime. 

On the Internet, there was a culture of mocking high rankers and comparing them to Grid, but the actual perceptions were different. A significant number of people respected and took high rankers as their goal. Recently, many people had achieved their goals. It was the aftermath of a significant increase in the number of high ranked players. 

In the past, according to different media or regions, the top ranked players were classified as high rankers. Then recently, it had been argued that the top 100,000 rankers were defined as high rankers. It wasn’t intended to undermine the value of high rankers. As the overall level of players increased, the top 100,000 rankers showed a dignity that was almost equivalent to or above the past high rankers. 

In the first place, the number of players was close to 2.2 billion. 100,000 was not a large number. It was a super-ultra elite group of the top 0.0045%. 

The two men at the peak of that group were right here. Sword Saint Kraugel, who went beyond the limits with a sword, and Lantier Faker, who used all types of shadows to create soldiers—the two men were fighting against Chepardea while Kasim, Glant, and the succubi escaped with Leraje. 

The goal was to buy time. It was until Leraje reached the basement...

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