Chapter 1541 (Teaser)

“Huhung~ huhuhung~” 

The large eyes filled with starlight were especially shining today. The angels looked in a puzzled manner at Venice, who was humming excitedly. It was because her laughter seemed to come from her heart. 

Venice, the god of money—there were very few humans who worshipped. It was because the poor resented the rich, the rich used their wealth, and the clergymen were wary of wealth. Money was something that was hard to be respected. Venice had always existed in solitude. 

The reason she always smiled brightly was an effort to keep herself from looking too shabby. However, today she looked truly happy. She seemed several times happier than when she occasionally found rare merchants. They had no choice but to notice.






Venice forced high fives every time she encountered an angel. The reason she couldn’t hide her joy lay in the secret technique in her hand. It was the dual wielding secret technique personally written by Martial God Zeratul. It was the thing that Grid wanted. It was an opportunity for Venice to gain reputation. 

‘My status will rise significantly.’ 

There were many ways to build up divinity. The most representative way was...

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