Chapter 1540 (Teaser)

‘As expected, people need to know many things.’ 

Grid realized the importance of knowledge just by looking at Grenier right now. 

The native people didn’t know a world other than Grenier and treated outsiders like monsters.

The guardians who believed that Grenier was the center of the world and looked down on outsiders, and the Mountain King who always kept an eye on the outside world while knowing that Grenier was nothing more than a well—despite living in the same environment, there were people who were inferior to monkeys, and there was a sage. It was purely the power of knowledge. 

‘If I hadn’t known anything, I would’ve been fascinated by the name of Chreshler.’ 

It was using this same logic that Grid now avoided a landmine. If he didn’t have any knowledge, he would’ve jumped into a field of landmines because he thought it was good. That’s right. Grid thought of Chreshler as a landmine. It was because he knew Chreshler well. 

‘A human being who became a coffin of his own free will.’ 

Chreshler hoped to embrace Marie Rose’s sealed body for eternity. He chose biological death because he wanted to enjoy Marie Rose’s body odor. He fell for Pagma’s rhetoric of ‘even if you become a coffin, your senses will be alive’ and abandoned his human body, transferring his soul to the coffin. He might’ve used the justification of maintaining Marie Rose’s seal, but... coincidentally, Grid had witnessed Chreshler’s...

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