Chapter 1536 (Teaser)

Flawless skin that shone smoothly, reminiscent of porcelain—Yura, who was on the battlefield, first captured people’s attention with her appearance. However, people forgot about her appearance when talking about her. They were busy praising her and admiring her. 


The jade-colored magic power stretched out in a straight line and turned all the demonic creatures in its path to ashes. It was an artillery shell with a large strike range and penetration attributes. She naturally targeted the weaknesses of the demonic creatures and overpowered Judar’s protection. 

A small number of demons avoided the attack, but they still died in the end due to the wave of jade-colored magic power that dug into their eyes. Yura’s combat style of moving at the same time as shooting and settling things with swordsmanship was very different from the past. She used Hell Leap very quickly and aggressively. The speed that resulted from it reminded people of Shunpo. 

“You’ve worked hard! Leave the rear to us!” 

It was also thanks to efficient role allocation that Yura could maintain her best condition. The wave of demonic creatures repeated at regular intervals. Additionally, each wave had different types of demonic creatures. 

The Overgeared members reduced each other’s burden by choosing battles favorable to them. It was a strategy made by the blood and sweat of the strategist group, who finally established the formula for predicting the interval between waves and the emergence of demonic creatures, and the countless people who conveyed a lot of information to them. 

It was safe to say that the allies were of one heart and one mind. They moved in unison to defend...

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