Chapter 1532 (Teaser)


The place where the ceiling should be, or used to be, was blue. Today, a particularly clear sky covered the smithy like a blanket. Were they intentionally messing with him? 

Grid seriously doubted it as he stood in the collapsing smithy. It was a natural flow of thought. Why did the smithy fall apart? He was worried that Rabbit would be in an extreme state of collapse. 

[Overgeared Skeleton One’s evolution has been completed.] 

The notification window woke him up from his thoughts. The reason for the blue sky was gradually descending.

A purple light that flashed between dark magic power. The emitted heat that evaporated clouds was unusual. 

[Allegiance to Your Majesty...] 

The appearance of Overgeared Skeleton One kneeling in front of Grid was surprisingly unfamiliar. He looked like Zik, but different. Perhaps it was because the skin and hair were discolored white or because the eyes were emitting a red light. Or perhaps it was due to the dark magic power that was like armor. The biggest reason was that his body had grown in size. It seemed to be a natural change in the process of combining and reconstructing the bones of Overgeared Skeleton One and Zikfrector. 

A tall knight who gave off a cold, frost-like impression—Grid confirmed the details of Overgeared Skeleton One, who was proud of the change. 

[Name: Overgeared Skeleton One 

Level: 430] 

First of all, the level was normal. He rose to the same level as Overgeared Skeleton Two did when it became a lich. 

‘For the time being,...

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