Chapter 1531 (Teaser)

[Do you really want to leave the Judar Church?] 

The forces of the Judar Church were greatly reduced. Many players left even though they received a big penalty because they failed to meet the apostasy conditionsIt was due to the rumors that God Judar was supporting the demons. It was a horrible rumor. If this was confirmed, the entire Judar Church would suffer losses. It wasn’t a situation for them to be reluctant to face penalties. 

‘The rumors are probably true.’ 

The players didn’t trust God Judar. They accepted Judar’s betrayal as a fact. The emergence of Raphael was too great. The attitude of the 1st ranked archangel, who appeared and indiscriminately attacked Grid and all the players at the Abyss... it became an opportunity to lose even the remaining faith. 

From the perspective of Asgard, the angels should be trolls. The angels’ actions were bizarre enough to create such doubts. It was dangerous because there was no ordinary side and it actually caused several storms in the aftermath. 

In any case, a change came to the world as the forces of the Judar Church weakened. People’s condition had improved over the past two days. Many people remembered how to use tools again. Judging from the situation, Judar seemed conscious of public opinion. Or perhaps it was simply the end of the duration...

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