Chapter 1529 (Teaser)

Grid didn’t care about the human nations and power compositions. 

The surface, hell, the Hwan Kingdom, and Asgard—he recognized the world according to these four major categories and worked hard to protect the surface. It was such a hierarchy. It was also the cause of a sense of responsibility that others couldn’t imagine. 


One of his greatest enemies in the future—Grid looked at Mir, who was in his arms, and his expression gradually cooled down. The weaker Mir’s breathing became, the more Grid’s calm eyes seemed like an abyss. 

“Sehee,” Grid descended to the ground and called out to his sister. “Treat this man.” 

It was a calm remark. It didn’t match at all with his stiff expression. He was obviously trying to suppress his emotions. 

“Is it... okay?” Ruby’s eyes were wide as she asked her about her brother’s heart. 

The Overgeared members had keen senses. Of course, they didn’t hear the conversation between Grid and Mir. The situation was the same for the cameras of the broadcasters. They failed to properly follow Grid and Mir, who stood side by side during the brief gap where lightning and light intertwined. The light that covered the...

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