Chapter 1529

Grid didn’t care about the human nations and power compositions. 

The surface, hell, the Hwan Kingdom, and Asgard—he recognized the world according to these four major categories and worked hard to protect the surface. It was such a hierarchy. It was also the cause of a sense of responsibility that others couldn’t imagine. 


One of his greatest enemies in the future—Grid looked at Mir, who was in his arms, and his expression gradually cooled down. The weaker Mir’s breathing became, the more Grid’s calm eyes seemed like an abyss. 

“Sehee,” Grid descended to the ground and called out to his sister. “Treat this man.” 

It was a calm remark. It didn’t match at all with his stiff expression. He was obviously trying to suppress his emotions. 

“Is it... okay?” Ruby’s eyes were wide as she asked her about her brother’s heart. 

The Overgeared members had keen senses. Of course, they didn’t hear the conversation between Grid and Mir. The situation was the same for the cameras of the broadcasters. They failed to properly follow Grid and Mir, who stood side by side during the brief gap where lightning and light intertwined. The light that covered the world was too bright. 

However, the Overgeared members knew Mir’s identity. 

The pinnacle of the yangbans and the master of the Blue Dragon Dao. He was one of the targets for Grid to defeat. Grid had stated that Mir must be removed in order to revive all of the four gods in the east. Yet now he was going to save Mir. 

It was true that Mir came to help Grid first and there might be a fledgling agreement between the two of them, but this was a very wasteful opportunity for Grid to miss. In the first place, there was a high probability that there was no agreement. It could be seen in the way that Grid was conflicted. Would it have been like this if Mir had hinted he would be on Grid’s side? Based on Grid’s personality, he would’ve immediately tried to save Mir. He wouldn’t have hesitated in the slightest. 

Peak Sword was the one who came forward on behalf of his colleagues who couldn’t easily question Grid. “Are you confident that you won’t regret it?” 

A sword curtain was spread open around them. It was a decision made by Kraugel to stop the TV cameras from capturing their appearance and conversation. It was to prevent the Overgeared Guild’s exclusive information from being leaked to the outside world and Kraugel himself maintained a distance and blocked his ears. It was awkward to stay in the place where the members were discussing things. 

“Isn’t Mir likely to be an enemy again the next time you meet?” 

Peak Sword knew Grid’s nature all too well. Grid would’ve never been conflicted if Mir had given even a small sign of relenting. He would get to the point straight away. 

Grid smiled bitterly. “That’s right. He will eventually be an enemy.” 

It was as Peak Sword and his colleagues expected. The atmosphere was turbulent. 

Peak Sword asked a direct question, “Then is it really okay to save him? Mir is one of your biggest goals. He is an opponent you must face in order to unseal the blue dragon and liberate all of the four gods.” 

There was only one thing that Peak Sword and his colleagues were concerned about. It was Grid’s regret. There was a reason people had a desire to turn back time. Regret was one of the biggest poisons that ate at people. Peak Sword and his colleagues would respect and support any choice Grid made, but they hoped Grid wouldn’t regret it. 

Grid understood their hearts and smiled. His stiff expression was finally broken. “We are on the same side today.” 

Mir helped him first. Mir’s wound was gained in the process of helping him. He learned about the sincerity of Mir, who was different from others in the Hwan Kingdom. Etc, etc. Grid had many justifications to help Mir. Even so, there was just one thing that moved Grid’s heart at this moment. 

“However, today I am on your side.” It was the few short words left by Mir. 

This was enough. 

“Thus, I will save him.” 

[Overgeared God Grid is writing the 15th epic.] 

[He held tomorrow’s enemy in his arms and engraved the belief that would be handed down to the world.] 

“In the first place, he has the right to live and he deserves it.” 

[This was a world of many fleeting people.] 

[People who aren’t respected were kicked.] 

[The residents of the eastern land where the gods were stolen were one of them.] 

[The invaders of the eastern lands who stole the gods were one of them.] 

[The man he held in his arms was one of them.] 

“Even if he becomes our enemy and frustrates us over and over again, he will change many things. I want to watch it.” 

[That person, he respected the fleeting life.] 

[It might be small, but he gave them the right to not disappear.] 

[He, alone, bore the sacrifices for the few rulers.] 

[He believed this was right.] 

[It was a belief he could embrace because he was once like this.] 

[That person, he denied the fate of being trampled on and used one-sidedly.] 


[Overgeared God Grid has completed the 15th page of the epic.] 

[His warm heart soaked the world.] 

[The members of the Overgeared God Church are filled with a greater faith.] 

“I see.” Peak Sword smiled and stepped back. The facial expressions of all the members were bright. 

Then Ruby used a skill. She linked the purification with all types of heals and Mir’s wounds healed quickly. Of course, this wasn’t a complete detoxification. She just locked the poison in the local area where it directly penetrated the body and prevented it from spreading further. It was the level of relieving pain through semi-permanent anesthesia. It was impossible for the Saintess to fully purify the hydra’s poison which could kill even gods. Still, it was enough. Mir's pain was noticeably reduced. 


Mir’s left eye, as he slowly regained awareness, had blackened traces remaining around it like spots. They were a medal that would make Mir feel proud and a remnant of the poison that would harass him for the rest of his life. 

Mir identified the situation and shed transparent tears. 

He was a tool created to get revenge on the gods. This was Mir. From his point of view, Grid’s goodwill was very unfamiliar. 

The one who did a favor first was himself but it wasn’t a favor where he hoped for anything in return. He was always like this. He never hoped for any reciprocity, even when he took care of the animals that had lost their homes. It was a charity that proved his qualifications to be a god. 

“Regret... you will regret it,” Mir barely managed to open his mouth. His voice was trembling and he couldn’t look straight at Grid. He was afraid of the warmth that he was experiencing for the first time in his life. His body and mind, that were like a sword, felt like it was going to melt away. Therefore, he turned away because he felt like he was going to lose himself. 

Grid snorted. “Don’t die in a foreign land and protect the Blue Dragon Dao well. I will take it away sooner or later.” 

“......” Mir was dumbfounded for a while. He lost focus and couldn’t answer. Then he belatedly came to his senses and looked at Grid. “...Yes, I will protect it until that day.” 

The Blue Dragon Dao—Mir was obligated to protect it. It was an order from the gods and he clearly wouldn’t violate it. He pitied the blue dragon, but he was never pleased about the task because he disliked the blue dragon. Yet at this moment, it became precious. It was because it was the only thing connecting him to Grid. 

“You should go now,” Grid urged. It had already been a few minutes since Mir arrived in the West Continent. By this time, the gods of the Hwan Kingdom would’ve detected the unexpected event. 

Mir got up from his position and bowed deeply. “I’ll wait for the day I die to you.” 

Just a moment ago, Mir had told Grid that he would regret it. He knew how many times he would grab Grid’s ankles. However, he no longer spoke about regret. He noticed it through Grid’s casual reaction. Grid wasn’t someone who was frustrated by a few failures. Mir was sure that he would someday die to Grid. 


Grid no longer responded. He just waved his hand instead of looking at Mir. Mir’s words that he would wait for the day of his death made Grid once again realize reality. He thought it was a painful fate. 


At Asgard... 

Raphael’s expression was as usual as they walked on the golden clouds. It would be the same even if they experienced 100 defeats. Angels were different from gods. There was nothing to lose just because they showed ugliness in front of humans. It was the goddess who made angels exist, not the worship of humanity. 

“The light didn’t contain the hydra’s poison. It was a problem in many ways. I had to suppress the power of light to use the poison, but it was putting the cart before the horse.” 

Hexetia’s workshop—the place that had lost its owner was as cold as winter for a while. The coldness came from the cool anticipation of the metals that couldn’t reach the heat. In that place— 

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang! 

A new heat warmed it up. It was due to an old man. He was an old man with a bulging belly and a hearty smile that matched him well. The impression he gave was so good that the pair of small wings on his back also felt harmonious. 

He was an angel born a little while ago. 

“Is that so? I guess the light purifies the poison. Light is divine and omnipotent. Um... Omnipotent, omnipotent... if I reverse this idea, it might be possible to induce harmony with the poison. I’ll think about it well for you.” 

“Yes. I have high expectations for you. You have to fill the vacancy of Hexetia.” 

Haha... How can I replace the blacksmithing god? Still, I will do my best. I am good at persistence.” 

“How do you know this? You have just been born. There isn’t enough time for you to figure out your personality.” 

Um? That’s right. I don’t know the basis, but I’m vaguely confident about this?” The newborn angel cocked his head. He seemed to have no idea at all. 

Raphael shrugged. “Maybe some of the memories of your life remain implicitly. It is a common symptom. It will fade as time passes.” 

“Memories of my life... I see...” 

A warm smile spread on the face of the new angel as he reflected on the archangel’s words. For some reason, he felt better and he smiled without realizing it. Persistence, hard work, passion... 

The appearance of a precious person seemed to come to mind. 

He was immersed in his thoughts when he suddenly came to his senses. Raphael had handed him the hydra’s poison sac and a spear.

“Then I’m asking you. I can’t get that poison sac any longer, so handle it carefully.” 

“Yes, I will do my best.” 

Raphael left behind the smiling newcomer and left the workshop. The entire view of Asgard contained in Raphael’s wide field of view was something that humans couldn’t even imagine. There were golden clouds of different heights. The higher the clouds, the larger and taller the temple it supported. Just because it was the world of the gods didn’t mean it was equal. Angels also had a hierarchy and the main gods were above ordinary gods. Finally, the goddess took care of all of them. 

Raphael politely bowed to the highest place before scratching their head. 

“Is Gabriel angry?” 

The mission had failed. The reality only felt real now. It was an unexpected result. Raphael, who was self-confident after destroying many gods so far, never expected their mission on the surface to fail. 

“Well, I was unlucky.” 

Mir—who knew that the puppet of the defeated would appear there? Raphael dared to say that the goddess wouldn’t have expected it either. 

‘Or not.’ 

Raphael’s steps were light again.

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