Chapter 1528 (Teaser)

Grid loathed the yangbans. He saw them as huge pests dressed in the mask of a human. Garam was largely to blame. No, almost every yangban let Grid down. 

Those who were united with their sense of elitism didn’t hide their ugly nature. They tried to harm the eastern gods that existed due to the wishes of humanity and fill the vacancy. They dreamed of becoming a god without knowing the concept of kindness and benevolence. They treated humans as sacrifices while trying to become the god of humans. They were dangerous, insidious, ignorant, and contradictory existences. In short, they were worse than beasts. 

The good part was that they didn’t kill easily compared to demons. It was just one thing, but even that couldn’t be considered as goodwill. Humans were needed in order to become a god. This was why he failed to purely accept Mir’s near ‘favor’ attitude as he encouraged and respected Grid and Kraugel who consistently challenged him. 


A man who appeared at an unexpected moment and stood by his side. The pinnacle of the yangbans he hated so much. Some scenes flashed through Grid’s memory when looking at him. 

First of all, he remembered their first meeting. Mir had greeted Grid with the utmost courtesy. He seemed to be fine at the possibility of...

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