Chapter 1526 (Teaser)

Gamigin’s soul vault—larger and taller than Baal’s castle, and the expression of Gamigin’s vanity—was brutally torn down. The building that boasted the history of having the largest scale in hell and showed off its dignity had been reduced into an incredibly ugly ruin. 

“The main obligation ends here.” 

In the center of the ruins, Leraje stood in a bloody pool. It was a puddle made from the blood flowing from her wounds. It wasn’t that they didn’t intend to stop the bleeding. Kraugel and Yura just didn’t have the means to help her. 

The body of a great demon was completely different from humans. It wasn’t just the appearance. The structure of the blood vessels and organs in the body were also different. The mucus spreading from her sweat glands and pores and enveloping her dermis proved that she was different from humans. Human cures were useless to her. 

Huhu, your facial expressions are strange. Why are you sad just because I’m dying? Rather, it is right to rejoice.” Leraje, who eventually fell down to the ground, laughed in spite of herself. 

The expressions of Kraugel and Yura reflected in her dark eyes were very stiff. They seemed to be swallowing their pain, so it was strange to her. It was all the more so because they didn’t show their emotions well. Her heart was itchy. Beriache came to mind for some reason. 

Cough, cough... Go back. There isn’t anything you can do here... for the time being...”

All the hells that could be overcome had been occupied. Half of the hells had gone under Leraje, and Baal’s authority was...

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