Chapter 1525 (Teaser)

The ground on which Grid stood lost its shape. Every time he took a step, it was crushed. There was bound to be strength. It was because he had to repeat the position change that reversed his field of view with one step. 

Grid was wary of Gamigin’s charge. He tried not to face Gamigin in a straight line. It was up and down in all directions. Grid’s field of view that managed to face all sides every second represented how intense his movements were. The orange glow, which was gradually growing darker, eventually expanded like the sun. 

Grid’s cloak fluttered in a dizzying manner. It was due to the wind pressure caused by Gamigin’s forehead passing by. Grid avoided the attack by a difference that was a single sheet of paper. 

‘Certainly, the charging speed is the best.’ 

Gamigin’s four-legged charge was as natural and fast as running water. It was an area of supersonic speed and was reminiscent of Zeratul. It was definitely faster compared to when she fought Braham. Still, there was nothing to be flustered about. It was a situation he had predicted from the time she appeared with the souls of legends. Even Judar had intervened. 

Gamigin had returned in a stronger state. It was the reason why Braham avoided a confrontation. 

‘It is okay.’ 

Grid held his sword to Gamigin’s throat as she passed by and bent his wrist vigorously. He slashed Gamigin’s throat and guided her head in the direction he wanted. He offset the fog-like demonic energy with Storm of the Fire God and greeted the physical attacks. 

It was a waste of time to avoid the attacks. Evasive opportunities would consume counterattack opportunities. Of course, fatal attacks were avoided. Grid was able to distinguish the trajectories and strength of the...

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