Chapter 1511 (Teaser)


The frightened Overgeared members launched an operation to rescue Noll. They buffed each other to offset the debuffs to some extent and sped through the army of demonic creatures. The leading Vantner was reminiscent of a tank, just like his nickname. It was an amazing performance. 

However, it wasn’t enough to attract Baal’s interest. Baal looked at the battlefield with his expressionless face again and muttered, “It is a mess. I will have to clean it up first.” 

The hell moon reacted to Baal’s will. Countless eyes rolled and aimed at the humans on the battlefield. The faces of the allied soldiers, who foresaw the bombardment of rays, became contemplative. Tens of thousands of rays poured down like heavy rain. It was a rain of destruction directed at the center of the hundreds of thousands of allied forces. 


Fortunately, some soldiers avoided it by abandoning their weapons and shields and running away. There were also many soldiers who couldn’t get up after falling. The demonic creatures they were confronting in front of them, the allies behind them, and the people next to them screamed as they were hit by the rays, so they couldn’t help but panic. 

The soldiers who weren’t hit by the rays felt tortured instead. They felt an uncontrollable fear that they would soon be in...

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