Chapter 1509 (Teaser)


Faker reacted immediately. He detected the wave of power that fell from above and retreated significantly. As a result, the ray only touched Faker’s shoulder. Even so, he received 20,000 damage. It was fixed damage that ignored the range of the hit, resistance, and defense. The bigger problem was the great number of rays pouring down that was reminiscent of rain. 

‘What is this?’ 

Faker linked a series of evasive movements and belatedly noticed it. The source of this ray was higher. He recalled the notification window that the hell moon was under Baal’s control and was convinced. 

‘They are shots from the moon.’ 

This couldn’t be allowed. If Baal rose to the surface like this, hell would unfold. The hundreds of thousands of troops gathered with Grid and Lauel’s efforts would fall in vain... 

Faker calculated it. Could he get rid of Baal with his skills? It was impossible. The chances of winning were unconditionally 0%. How many minutes could he tie up Baal’s feet? More than 1 minute and 20 seconds was very unlikely, more than 1 minute and 40 seconds was the area of a miracle, and more than 2 minutes wasn’t possible. 

The conclusion was that the moment he allowed a single attack, he would enter an immortal state. Nevertheless, he guaranteed that there was a high probability he could last at least a minute. It was because the absolute aspect of Lantier’s skills was stronger than the relative aspect. Regardless of the opponent’s level, a minimal performance was possible. This was a story...

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