Chapter 1509


Faker reacted immediately. He detected the wave of power that fell from above and retreated significantly. As a result, the ray only touched Faker’s shoulder. Even so, he received 20,000 damage. It was fixed damage that ignored the range of the hit, resistance, and defense. The bigger problem was the great number of rays pouring down that was reminiscent of rain. 

‘What is this?’ 

Faker linked a series of evasive movements and belatedly noticed it. The source of this ray was higher. He recalled the notification window that the hell moon was under Baal’s control and was convinced. 

‘They are shots from the moon.’ 

This couldn’t be allowed. If Baal rose to the surface like this, hell would unfold. The hundreds of thousands of troops gathered with Grid and Lauel’s efforts would fall in vain... 

Faker calculated it. Could he get rid of Baal with his skills? It was impossible. The chances of winning were unconditionally 0%. How many minutes could he tie up Baal’s feet? More than 1 minute and 20 seconds was very unlikely, more than 1 minute and 40 seconds was the area of a miracle, and more than 2 minutes wasn’t possible. 

The conclusion was that the moment he allowed a single attack, he would enter an immortal state. Nevertheless, he guaranteed that there was a high probability he could last at least a minute. It was because the absolute aspect of Lantier’s skills was stronger than the relative aspect. Regardless of the opponent’s level, a minimal performance was possible. This was a story of when it was supported by the operational capabilities, but Faker was qualified. 

‘The situation will be a bit better if I fill out the Kill List.’ 

Was it worth consuming Kill List to buy time in a fight with no possibility of winning? The benefits were overflowing. He would give time for his allies to come up with countermeasures after they detected an unexpected event from the hell moon aiming at the Abyss and firing rays. 


Currently, the Abyss was the largest marching route of the army of demonic creatures. At the end of the Abyss, the entrance to hell lurked. The demons and demonic creatures entered the Abyss through this entrance and rose to the surface. This was why countless gray pillars were rising on the path of the light rays. 

The rays from the moon that were pouring down like rain slaughtered the demonic creatures. This action was likely to not stop until Faker died. 

Baal was just watching. He hummed along with the screams and explosions from the demonic creatures. This guy... he was crazy like the rumors. There was no distinction between enemies. 

“This is cumbersome.” 

Was this really the body of a half-god? Zik’s body was full of vitality despite it being asleep for thousands of years. The only trace of time that could be seen was the dazzling blond hair. The hair stretched down to his feet and several meters beyond. If he stepped on the ground, it would drag like a cloak. 

A blade of demonic energy cut the hair. The blond hair that went down to the waist moved along with Baal as he rotated with a satisfied expression. At this time... 

“By the way, you are tenacious.” Baal’s gaze turned to Faker. Faker was expanding the range of the rays by making his evasive motions as large as possible. His intention was to take even one more demonic creature with him as a companion to the underworld. 

Clap clap. Baal clapped. “It is a very human thing to do. Is it because you have a short life? You humans hate an ignominious death. You try to give meaning to your death at all costs.” 

The long eyes curved in a smile. It was a beautiful smile that anyone would be fascinated by. However, it was somewhat unnatural. No matter how widely he smiled, wrinkles didn’t appear on his face. It seemed like the original owner of the body didn’t know how to smile. “I really like that about you guys. When I watch you trying to deny your worthlessness, the boredom disappears.” 

“...Is that why you started this war? Do you want to enjoy watching the meaningless struggle of the people who are dying for your whims?” 

“If there needs to be a reason, I guess so? Why? Are you upset?” 

“This trash son of a bitch...” 

Faker let out a rare curse. Baal’s malice was so vulgar that Faker couldn’t hide his anger when he was usually cool and calm at any time and in any situation. Pure evil that couldn’t be given any reason or meaning—there were few existences even in hell that could accept him pleasantly. 

“Sigh...” Faker took a deep breath. He took a long breath to control his emotions. The moment his composure was regained, his movements became more sophisticated. He avoided three rays with one movement and induced four rays with one evasion. 

The number of rays pouring toward Faker’s head gradually increased and the screams of the demonic creatures grew in proportion. Now the Abyss was tinged with gray, not darkness. It was because so many demonic creatures were dying from the rays. 


Baal didn’t care. He checked his body while appreciating Faker’s cute tricks. The body that was previously polished and used by the world’s strongest human—the status was very high and it was beyond what he imagined. From Baal’s point of view, the body of a half-god was so insignificant that he hadn’t expected much when he heard that Zik’s body had appeared. It was just a good toy to play with for a few days. 

Then once he got it, he found that the level was considerable. The form of the huge mana core and the skeleton told him what type of person Zik was during his lifetime. 

‘He must’ve trained to death.’ 

Was it because he was determined to kill a god? The most noticeable part of the body that exceeded human limitations by several times was the brain. It developed to the point of absurdity and easily accepted all types of ideas. In short, understanding and calculations were fast and he was mentally powerful. This made it easy to control the hell moon. Controlling the hell moon was only possible with this body. 

He could understand why the daoist immortals of the Peach Blossom Spring were obsessed with creating the concept of the upper dantian. [1].

“This is why those Asgardians were so intimidated.” 

If Zik had participated in the war against the gods, then he would’ve developed throughout the war. It could’ve been to the point where he would’ve killed some of the lower gods. Baal smiled confidently and started to adjust the body. He repeatedly pushed magic power into the mana core to expand it and burned it all at once to shrink it. It was truly an ignorant method that used the infinite mana of the Abyss and the practical use of the 1st Great Demon’s techniques. 

The bones were also reformed. It was the body of a person who was once a human being, so there were imperfect parts. The length of the limbs increased and the shape of his thighs and fingers changed slightly. As a result, the balance of the body was extremely improved. It wasn’t lacking to describe it as a transformation. 


Faker was using the shadow technique to bring together the demonic creatures rising from the bottom so they would be hit by the rays. Then he suddenly became shocked. It was because he felt that the energy of Baal, who was giggling all by himself in the corner, became stronger.

That’s right—Zik’s body had become stronger compared to his lifetime. It was an attempt that was possible because it was Baal, and a change that was accepted because it was Zik’s body. 

“Now, let’s play.” 

“I can’t let you go.” 

Faker blocked the path of Baal, who finally started to move. He used Kill List. After an intense battle that lasted 1 minute and 59 seconds, a new pillar of gray ash was scattered. 


‘Okay. It is going well.’

The world’s only super-sized furnace—the size was reminiscent of a fortress, but the speed of the construction was very fast. It seemed like it would be completed soon. It was even more than a day faster than scheduled. 

‘It is all because they did their best.’ 

Dwarf Ke and countless technicians—the faces of those who helped build the furnace looked very spectacular. Luck followed several times thanks to their excellent skills and brilliant efforts. During the work, the passive skills took effect and resulted in a steady increase of the construction speed. Just as Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath was once a skill that relied on probability, the skills of the architects were also affected by luck. 

It was an X game where luck played a big part, but... they won in luck. 

‘I’m sure my good luck stat influenced it.’ 

He was the main person of the construction. Grid pulled up his final concentration. He secured the bricks that were piled up. Then there was another inspection of the interior that was large enough to accommodate 10 tons of white phosphorus wood. He re-measured the balance of the structure that he put his heart and soul into. 

He was assisted by Ke. The cooperation of the two people who worked together for three days and nights became like one. Through repeated rapport, a bond was built. 

[The construction of ‘The Furnace of God’ has been completed.] 

[A player has constructed a mythical building for the first time!] 

[The first achievement reward for the first myth ranked construction will be greatly increased.] 

[All stats have increased by 100 and reputation throughout the continent will rise by +5,000.] 

[The level of all skills related to production will increase by one for the construction participants.] 

[The craftsmanship of Dwarf ‘Ke’ has been upgraded to the legendary level.] 

[The legendary architect has appeared!] 



Grid was delighted, while Ke was collapsing. He seemed shocked because he achieved results that were more than expected, and he also accumulated a large amount of fatigue. Since he was so old... 

“He is a precious person. Take him to the infirmary.” 


It happened when Grid had sent Ke off to the infirmary and was looking at the function of the furnace... 

“Guests have arrived.” 

The meeting that he had been looking forward to for a few days had finally arrived. Grid nodded and changed his clothes. They were navy silk clothes made by the best tailor of the East Continent. The bottom hem came down to his ankles and it had wide sleeves. It was similar to the dopo worn by the yangbans, but there was no opening in the back or strings. It was intended so he could walk anywhere 

It was a design that looked presumptuous due to the gorgeous embroidery, but it became stylish considering Grid’s status. There were no combat related features. Instead, it greatly increased his dignity and charm stats, so it was very suitable as formal clothing. 

‘I think I’ve already received over 30 pieces of clothing as gifts.’ 

In fact, there were many different types of clothes from various nations. Culture and fashion varied from kingdom to kingdom, so the style of clothing was inevitably different. 

Grid liked it. It was useful in many ways to wear different clothes depending on the situation and mood. Even the value of the clothing was worth tens of millions of won in cash.

‘I just have to keep these clothes well and I won’t starve for the rest of my life.’ 


The half-draconians—a species that proudly boasted a drop of blood from Bunhelier flowed through their veins. They regarded the aggressiveness that came from this blood as an honor and the world classified them as an upper species. It meant that even human scholars recognized the superiority of the half-draconians. 


“They are half-draconians...” 

Reinhardt was frozen. There were many people who stiffened because they were intimidated by the procession of half-draconians with strong bodies and a fierce air. The dragon scales that were obvious on their skin at first glance were overwhelming. 

“The Overgeared Kingdom? Why should we, who refused to negotiate with the empire, visit this small, marginal kingdom in person?” 

“Look at the humans who are trembling at the sight of us. People who regard themselves as the masters of the continent are like this. They run wild without knowing that they should be scared.” 

“Humans have just taken over the continent due to numbers.” 

There was no hesitation in the words and actions of the half-draconians. They blatantly despised the humans they encountered while moving through the streets. Hao, who took the lead beside Bunsdel, warned them several times, but he just received scoffs and pretenses of being deaf in return. There were also half-draconians who wanted to beat Hao to death. It was because they were disgusted. 

Concerned that the situation would become serious, Hao sighed and closed his mouth. ‘This is the essence of the half-draconians.’

A race that had the blood of the evil dragon. It was impossible to fix such fanatical and belligerent personalities. Even the second-to-none Grid wouldn’t be able to control them completely. Fortunately, Bunsdel was an ideal person... he could only look forward to Bunsdel’s cooperation. 

‘He said he would be a dog. It is just a metaphor, but at least the alliance agreement will be signed.’

Hao, who was thinking, stopped walking. It was because Lauel had personally appeared in front of the inner palace gate. 

“The hot blood of the half-draconians is stimulating the black dragon lurking in my heart... please come in. Welcome.” 

“What is he saying?” 

“Is this a high-ranking person of this kingdom?” 

“He is so weak. What is the dragon...?” 

Tsk, I knew the standard was like this. Why did the lord visit this kingdom?” 

The 25 great warriors representing the half-draconians expressed their displeasure. There were even those who showed distrust in Lord Bunsdel and revealed open hostility. 

Bunsdel didn’t care and calmly accepted it. He knew better than anyone that the half-draconians were just a frog in a well. It was himself and the lords of the past who kept the half-draconians in the well. He silently led the group and entered the palace. 

“Welcome,” the man sitting on the throne greeted the group. 

The half-draconians had already reached the limits of their patience and became angry. The king of humans dared to look down on them. 

Hah, really. I can’t believe it. Does he think he is an amazing guy just because he is treated as a king by bugs?” 

There was no time for Hao to stop it. 

Bunsvil—he was a half-draconian the pedigree of the current lord and he showed off his golden name as he rushed to the throne. Then... 


He belatedly confirmed the appearance of Grid that was hidden by the backlight and stiffened like a stone statue. Just in time, the backlight was lifted. The sunset through the window completely disappeared and Grid’s figure appeared. 


The half-draconians were overwhelmed by Grid’s dignity and faltered. They felt like they had jumped into the dragon’s mouth as they noticed their lord’s quick wits. Under the gazes of his subordinates trembling with fear... 


Bunsdel took a powerful step forward and shouted, “Bark!” 

1. There are three main dantians in the body. The lower dantian, middle dantian, and upper dantian. The upper dantian is located just above the eyebrows and is related to spirit and consciousness

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