Chapter 1508 (Teaser)

After a fierce battle, Hell Gao fell to his knees. 

The borders of the world had collapsed and a body with the grade of a great demon had been secured, but he only regained around 70% of the power of his prime. It wasn’t enough to withstand the cooperation between Zikfrector, Nefelina, and Raiders, who did their best in preparation for future troubles. 

“I... I was deceived by Baal...” 

Hell Gao left these meaningful words and turned to ash. Seeing his expression that didn’t have much regret, he seemed to have become used to defeat. The grinning Zibal reported the situation to the intelligence service. 

The brains of the Overgeared Guild moved quickly. New information was quickly organized and disseminated to the upper ranks of the allied army. 

[The grandmaster, Nefelina, and Raiders have defeated Hell Gao. They are headed north to the Abyss.] 

[It is presumed that the body of one of the seven evils found in the Abyss belongs to the grandmaster.] 

[The grandmaster needs an escort.] 

‘Why is it Raiders, not Zibal?’ 

Zibal was dissatisfied with the handling, but he didn’t nitpick over it. There was a dignity he should keep as America’s hero. He was just happy to get items. 


It was the second day of the great human and demon war... 

People were suffocating on the sense of happiness that soared without knowing the end. It was a lot of fun. It didn’t matter what channel they opened. Battles and wars were broadcasted and reporters wrote new heroic stories like they were competin...

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