Chapter 1507 (Teaser)

“Why did you turn around all of a sudden?” 

Was he being chased by the underworld? Hao asked after catching up with Bunsdel, who ran away without looking back. The other person’s status was very high, but the words didn’t come out beautifully. He made a quick detour to turn away when he almost arrived at Reinhardt. 

Hao was flustered because he just reported to Lauel that he would be arriving soon with the lord of the half-draconians. Bunsdel’ complexion was white due to exhaustion from using Shunpo several times in a row. “The Overgeared Kingdom will perish today. No, it could’ve already been destroyed by the waves a little while ago.” 

Huh?” Hao asked back in an absurd manner. He suspected that Bunsdel had suddenly become senile. This only lasted for a moment. He recognized the seriousness of the situation when he saw Bunsdel’s body trembling like an aspen tree. “...What is going on?” 

“I feel the killing intent of the martial god in Reinhardt.” 

Martial God Zeratul—it was hard for a high quality transcendent to not know him. It wasn’t just known conceptually. Bunsdel actually experienced it. 

Bunsdel had been tempted by the martial god several times. It was very divine when he appeared in a dream and offered a secret technique, but Bunsdel refused every time because he felt something sinister. The disappointment, anger, and killing intent that...

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