Chapter 1503 (Teaser)

“Biban! Biban!” 

The curtain of sword energy that surrounded Biban and Zeratul—countless blades and blade fragments intertwined, and the scene of them reflecting and absorbing each other’s light was reminiscent of a galaxy. It was beautiful like art. However, it was a cruel reality to Grid. His hands were bloody as he hit, scratched, and tore at it, and bone could be seen through the torn skin. 

“Your Majesty!” 

“C-Calm down!” 

The women who were once candidates to be Rebecca’s Daughters—originally, they were destined to be puppets of the church and driven to the extremes. Thanks to Damian’s rescue and Grid’s care, they were able to regain a normal life. The main reason they were willing to devote themselves to Lord was because Grid and Damian hoped for it. Their heart toward their benefactors was deeper than imagined. 

They didn’t know precisely what the relationship between the person called Biban and Grid was, but it wasn’t easy to watch their benefactor calling out Biban’s name anxiously and going wild. They wanted to run over, grab him, and comfort him immediately. 

However, Grid’s identity was the noblest one on the continent. He was the king of the Overgeared Kingdom and a god. They didn’t dare touch his jade-like body. The 300 women simply cried as they looked at him. 

Lord, who was taking care of Isabel and Bland, also remained silent. Lord admired Grid the most in the world. He couldn’t make a guess recklessly. Thus, he had no choice but to watch. 

“Dammit!” Grid collapsed to the ground and let out harsh curse words. He failed to keep his dignity...

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