Chapter 1502

‘W-We can’t win?’ 

Rose’s eyes turned to the coast. Beleth was struggling against Overgeared Skeleton Two. It wasn’t because Beleth was weaker than Overgeared Skeleton Two. Naturally, Beleth was much stronger. The problem was Overgeared Skeleton Two’s ability to distort space. Beleth failed to deal an effective hit due to it constantly changing positions. In the meantime, the skeleton soldiers summoned by Overgeared Skeleton Two entered the front lines and destroyed the demonic creatures. 

The Overgeared fleet fired artillery shells from a distance without landing and it was also threatening. The Overgeared Cannon that once caused a sensation—based on the unique rating, the hundreds of cannons each with a 45,000 fixed splash damage, constantly rained shots down onto the battlefield as well as Beleth. The thousands of artillerymen players, who were marginalized until a few years ago, met the Overgeared Kingdom and ran rampant like fish in water. 

Fortunately, Beleth’s power offset the power of the Overgeared Cannons. However, Beleth couldn’t always invoke his power, so he couldn’t block all the bombardment. He was also concerned about the bombardment, so he failed to respond to Jishuka’s baptism of arrows which had the energy to break evil. 

Of course, Beleth wasn’t a fool. In order to fundamentally block the artillery shells, he launched several long range attacks targeting the fleet. The water clan king was the problem. He swam through the water with the water clan soldiers. Every time Beleth’s attack flew over, he caused waves and disrupted the power of the attack. The remnants of the destruction were repeatedly stopped by the navy led by Soldier and the artillerymen were protected. 

It was a repetition of a vicious cycle. The combination of the enemy forces felt perfect. Additionally, the enemy reinforcements continued to increase. Euphemina, known to be one of the strongest Overgeared members, joined the battlefield. She even led the Overgeared magic division that was composed of the Ul Clan. The princess of the Ul Clan was a famous named talent. 

Rose gritted her teeth. She became angry as she thought about Lauel laughing as he plotted in the darkness to create this current situation. 

“”These guys really...!”” Beleth’s face changed colors as the bombardment of arrows and shells was combined with magic. 

Looking at the atmosphere, it seemed like they were about to enter the second stage. It was before Grid or his apostles had even appeared. 

Rose had a hunch as she saw the abnormal scene of the 13th Great Demon being suppressed by the troops—‘Aren’t we really going to lose?’ 

Did she have to taste defeat even after becoming a demon? She wanted to win at least once... 

Rose gave an absurd laugh, but she didn’t blame others. The hell army, who was losing in power despite starting the war, and the allied forces and players, who were hostile to her and blocking the way forward—Rose humbly accepted it all. Why did she repeat the defeat and failure every time? In the end, she judged that it was because of her lack of ability. She felt she still had a long way to go. 

Ah, I don’t know. I will win one day.’ 

However, that moment wasn’t now. The war deadline was 32 days away. There were many opportunities. 

Rose accepted her defeat and relaxed. She remembered that the essence of playing games was enjoyment and her mind was refreshed while her actions became lighter. It was the realm of enlightenment. The level of magic that she cast was raised to a higher level. Her casting speed was slightly accelerated and the efficiency of her combos increased dramatically. It was noticeable on the battlefield where hundreds of thousands of people were mixed together. 

This was the problem. Jishuka’s arrows, which had been dispersed and falling over a wide range, immediately concentrated on one place. She only fired at one person, Rose, with an unprecedented power. Rose pulled unexpected aggro out of five great demons and hundreds of demons. It was an absurd mishap from Rose’s position. 

On the other hand, she was also glad. 

 ‘Am I greater than I thought?’ 

She was satisfied with the potential she never knew before as she was pierced by arrows and her blood scattered. She collapsed and her vision turned gray. Just then— 

[Baal’s subordinates will participate as reinforcements.] 

[Hell’s morale has risen greatly and all stats will increase.] 

[There is news that the ‘Sealed Body of One of the Seven Evils’ has been found in the Abyss. Wrath is added to the ‘mixed worlds.’ The concentration of demonic energy has increased and the penalty for demons is reduced by 20%.] 


This happened when she died... 

Rose’s smiling expression became distorted. Her mouth was smiling, but her eyes were fierce. Therefore, she looked bizarre. Even so, no one saw it. Newly emerged demons and demonic creatures trampled on and covered her body. She scattered helplessly as gray ash and disappeared. 


At the same time, Reinhardt... 

The Overgeared Kingdom responded quickly to the war that took place sooner than expected. They gathered more than three times the planned number of technical experts in order to speed up the construction of the furnace. The Overgeared Kingdom understood the importance of Grid better than anyone. Thanks to the help of the whole kingdom, Grid was able to focus on the design of the divine sword. 

He used his creation skill. It was a sword made with a dragon’s fang that he might not obtain again. This wasn’t the time to save his creation skill. He also considered that the blueprint would affect the speed at which the item would be made. 

Grid wanted to make the weapon and join the war as quickly as possible. The situation of the war that was delivered in real time made him somewhat nervous. He was particularly worried about Braham. He wanted to send another apostle straight away, but the situation didn’t allow it. 

Sariel moving independently was still a high risk. Meanwhile, Mercedes and Piaro were training in the sword tower. The Zikfrector and Zibal duo and Nefelina had been searching for areas where portals were concentrated and destroying enemy forces. Now they had just moved to Cokro Island. It was due to the sudden news that Hell Gao, who had been borrowing the body of a ‘demonkin’ so far, appeared with a body with the grade of a great demon for the first time. The collapse of the world’s boundaries seemed to have some effect. It would be very difficult if he escaped from the island, so he needed to be defeated in advance. 

‘I think there will be a situation where I have to step up myself.’

Less than a day had passed since the great human and demon war and there were already crises happening everywhere. Grid’s plan to join the war after creating a new sword was likely to be too greedy. 


Grid was keeping an eye on the condition of his bond with Braham while working, only to suddenly stiffen like a stone statue. It was due to the news that enemy reinforcements had appeared at both the Abyss and the Behen Archipelago. To make matters worse, there was also news that some great demons appeared through portals. 

‘I can’t do this anymore.’

This wasn’t a situation where he should be greedy. First, let’s calm down. Thinking calmly, he could still play a stable and active role even without a new sword...

It happened the moment Grid calmed himself and tried to raise his body... 

[Noll, lord of a vampire city, has led the vampire army to join the Abyss battle as reinforcements. Presumably using the lord’s authority, he assigned players a quest and an army was formed.] 

[Bondre of Valhalla has persuaded the players who were former members of the Seven Guilds to head to the Behen Archipelago.] 

[Chris, the lord of Reidan, is leaving the minimal number of troops in the city and departing. His destination is the Abyss.] 

[The 1st ranker berserker, Asuka, and her companion, Black Teddy, are leading soldiers south. They seem to be heading to the Behen Archipelago.] 

[The Black and White sisters are asking for negotiations. They have expressed their intention to participate as a member of the Overgeared Kingdom on the condition they get the right to purchase legendary rated items.] 

[50 rankers from the Daejin Group have joined the Abyss as reinforcements.] 

[The Yatan Church members entering the central area have been trapped in a labyrinth dungeon after being lured in by Eat Spicy Jokbal.] 

[The African Leopard has killed the mysterious death knight carrying out a massacre in the Arc Kingdom. The leopard is moving south. His estimated destination is the Behen Archipelago.] 

[Hurent has met the 33rd Great Demon who appeared in the central area. He has entered battle. Hurent is fighting well. A rune has been identified on the back of his hand.] 

[The knights division led by Royman has arrived at the Abyss. Haster has joined them.] 

[The Overgeared Shadows have infiltrated the entire continent and confirmed the emergence of Agnus in the west. Faker killed Agnus.] 

[180 rankers from the Jin Group have joined Katz in the south. Katz is heading for the Behen Archipelago.] 

[There is confirmation of large-scale Mass Teleports in Titan. It is believed to be done by Sage Sticks. More than 80,000 reinforcements have arrived from the East Continent.] 

[Confirmed the destruction of some portals. It is probably the influence of Yura and Kraugel in hell.] 

[Confirmation that the scale of the Saintess’ south-bound procession is still expanding. The cause is unknown.]

New information rushed in. The content was varied and mostly positive. Thanks to this, Grid was reminded of something he had forgotten for a while. 

He wasn’t alone. His last few years had not been in vain... 

His hands trembled with emotion. He was smiling with relief when a chill went down his spine. 

[A massive number of martial god followers have appeared in the Overgeared Kingdom. They are killing allies.] 

[The Triad has appeared at Fort Patrian. The city walls have collapsed. Marquis Ashur’s status is unknown.] 

[An unidentified enemy has emerged near Reinhardt. Zednos and Laella are dead. There is no resurrection response.] 

[The Overgeared God Church has suffered a serious blow. Damian is dead. There is no resurrection response. Isabel’s life or death is unknown.] 

[Bland and Beniyaru have gone with the farmers to act as reinforcements.] 

[Prince Lord and his 300 girlfriends have gone to assist.] 


News flooded in at a much faster rate than the previous news. Grid moved without thinking. He flew straight into the sky, captured the external wall in his field of view, and used Shunpo. At the same time... 

[The title ‘First Father’ has detected Lord’s crisis.] 

[Father’s Instinctive Love is activated. Movement speed is increased by 80% for 20 seconds and the skill cooldown is reset.] 

“Lord!” Grid’s face distorted like a demon. He expanded his vision to determine Lord’s location and immediately used Shunpo. 

“......!” An attack flew in the moment his location changed. It was a heavy attack that he had never experienced before. He had a hunch that it was better to avoid it, but Lord was behind him. 

Kuek!” Grid raised his sword to block the attack and was crushed by the weight. He bent his knees unwillingly and gritted his teeth as he stared at the opponent. 

Martial God Zeratul—a being who wasn’t supposed to be here was standing with his hands behind his back. Not a single drop of blood dripped from the leg that was placed on Grid’s blade. “You stopped my attack? You deserve the recognition of Chiyou, that low-grade fake.” 

“You!” Grid’s eyes shot up in a frightening manner. He was able to see the terrible sight behind Zeratul’s back. He saw Isabel, Bland, the church members, and the farmers lying down while covered in blood. His hair was turning white with fright. 

Grid lost his sense of reason and immediately wrapped the buff skills around his body. However, there was no chance for him to step forward. 

“I just remembered why I came to find you.” Something touched Grid’s shoulder. It was a book. It had the title ‘Deciphered Language of the Dead’ written on it in elaborate handwriting. “Receive this and step back.” 

The tower member, Biban—a being who originally shouldn’t appear in the world completely exposed his sword energy as he stood in front of everyone. There was deep disgust and anger on his face. “The gods of Asgard have become senile in their old age. Hayate’s words were right.” 

A curtain of sword energy spread out. It was a curtain that separated Biban and Zeratul from the world. 

“Grid, just live like you are now, no more and no less.”

It was like a final goodbye and it caused Grid to reach out for the curtain. However, he couldn’t touch it.

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