Chapter 1502 (Teaser)

‘W-We can’t win?’ 

Rose’s eyes turned to the coast. Beleth was struggling against Overgeared Skeleton Two. It wasn’t because Beleth was weaker than Overgeared Skeleton Two. Naturally, Beleth was much stronger. The problem was Overgeared Skeleton Two’s ability to distort space. Beleth failed to deal an effective hit due to it constantly changing positions. In the meantime, the skeleton soldiers summoned by Overgeared Skeleton Two entered the front lines and destroyed the demonic creatures. 

The Overgeared fleet fired artillery shells from a distance without landing and it was also threatening. The Overgeared Cannon that once caused a sensation—based on the unique rating, the hundreds of cannons each with a 45,000 fixed splash damage, constantly rained shots down onto the battlefield as well as Beleth. The thousands of artillerymen players, who were marginalized until a few years ago, met the Overgeared Kingdom and ran rampant like fish in water. 

Fortunately, Beleth’s power offset the power of the Overgeared Cannons. However, Beleth couldn’t always invoke his power, so he couldn’t block all the bombardment. He was also concerned about the bombardment, so he failed to respond to Jishuka’s baptism of arrows which had the energy to break evil. 

Of course,...

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