Chapter 1498 (Teaser)


Sounds echoed from all directions. It was the sound of thousands or tens of thousands of soul soldiers sobbing from underground. They held spears, swords, or cast magic as they encircled the rushing Gamigin. It was the advance of the legion. 

“These dogs...” 

Peak Sword and the knights, who were cheering for Braham with sweaty hands, backed away. Kyle and the dukes were also nervous. The soul army was giving off a very dangerous momentum. Not only were there a lot of them, but they were also highly skilled elites. 

‘Are they resistant to lightning?’ Kyle confirmed that his experimental attack didn’t have a great effect and looked for a retreat. He had assumed that the lightning wouldn’t work since the souls weren’t a substance, but he thought it was fortunate there was some effect. 

‘Putting aside the matter of my attacks not working, it isn’t an important issue right now. There is no chance of winning against that monster.’ 

Kyle feared Braham as much as Grid. It was because the person who took away one of his arms was Braham. However, Braham had no chance of winning against Gamigin. 

Kyle noticed it. 

‘Gamigin has not...

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