Chapter 1498


Sounds echoed from all directions. It was the sound of thousands or tens of thousands of soul soldiers sobbing from underground. They held spears, swords, or cast magic as they encircled the rushing Gamigin. It was the advance of the legion. 

“These dogs...” 

Peak Sword and the knights, who were cheering for Braham with sweaty hands, backed away. Kyle and the dukes were also nervous. The soul army was giving off a very dangerous momentum. Not only were there a lot of them, but they were also highly skilled elites. 

‘Are they resistant to lightning?’ Kyle confirmed that his experimental attack didn’t have a great effect and looked for a retreat. He had assumed that the lightning wouldn’t work since the souls weren’t a substance, but he thought it was fortunate there was some effect. 

‘Putting aside the matter of my attacks not working, it isn’t an important issue right now. There is no chance of winning against that monster.’ 

Kyle feared Braham as much as Grid. It was because the person who took away one of his arms was Braham. However, Braham had no chance of winning against Gamigin. 

Kyle noticed it. 

‘Gamigin has not attacked Braham so far.’ 

No, the expression ‘couldn’t’ was more accurate. Braham’s magic linkage was so great that it didn’t give Gamigin a chance to fight back, but there was a limit to mana. This was common sense. Kyle knew that Braham’s mana would soon be depleted. It must be the case since he used legendary great magic and large-scale magic without a break.

‘On the other hand, that monster keeps recovering.’

Look at how the lower body was fine no matter how they attacked. There was no chance unless they could do something about this. It was better to run away safely, even if he was alone... 

The moment Kyle had this thought. 

“My son!” Gamigin’s shout accelerated to the point where Kyle’s lightning senses felt it was fast and caused a shockwave. The soul army filling the battlefield seemed to blur together and sharp energy swept over the battlefield. It was the aftermath of tens of thousands of souls abandoning their human figures and transforming into weapons. They turned into sharp spears and swords as one, forming a tsunami that headed toward Braham. 

A chill went down Kyle’s spine. He read Gamigin’s intentions. The monster looked like a lunatic, but he thought she was actually a clever creature. 

There was an immeasurable number of soul battle gear. They dominated every area of the battlefield. Braham didn’t have any coordinates to use Teleport or Blink. In this state, they only shot at Braham. The intention was to quickly deplete his magic power by forcing him to link Shield. 

Braham frowned as he faced the massive tsunami of battle gear alone. It was a rare show of emotions. He was angry about being interrupted during his contemplation. The fact that he was in an environment where he couldn’t concentrate just before he gained enlightenment made him angry. “Frozen Tempest.” 


A battlefield covered with fire from a chain of destruction and the soul battle gear. The battlefield, filled with heat and killing intent, was in a hot state as if it could burn flesh. However, Kyle suddenly got the illusion that there was a chill at his fingertips. No, it wasn’t an illusion. 

Shards of light scattering in the moonlight caught Kyle’s eye. Kyle noticed that the refraction of light was very irregular. This was because the material that induced the refraction had many different forms. Ice crystals filled the entire area. The great magician’s will, which could bring down even the stars, now caused the upper stratum to descend.

“Stay still for a moment.” Braham clicked his tongue and waved his hand like it was annoying. The cold air that sank to the ground cooled and stirred endlessly. The soul battle gears rushing from all directions were simultaneously frozen. It was like looking at a statue of a huge tsunami. The same was true of the flames that burned the battlefield and the crumbling wreckage of the city. 

Peak Sword, the knights, Kyle, and the dukes were no different. Everything that existed in the world was frozen and stopped. It wasn’t just Titan right now. All the people and demonic creatures scattered across the continent turned to ice. 

[Legendary magic has been revealed.] 

[The peak magic is freezing the world.] 

“Sigh.” Braham’s breath floated alone in this still world. Fortunately, this magic attracted people’s attention. No one could see Braham’s faintly quivering hands. 

‘Time is needed for the finishing touches.’ He was on the verge of enlightenment. In order to defeat that mad great demon, he needed time to organize the inspirations flashing through his brain and replace them with calculated formulas. However, time seemed to be running out. 

The frozen Gamigin’s body was already showing unexpected changes. The muscles of the four strong legs were twitching. The moment that two of her legs were lifted, her stopped time would begin to move again. She would charge right at him and trample on his chest. 

The continuous use of great magic had slowed the circulation of magic power by 0.05 seconds. This was also the time calculated on the assumption that his mental world was used. It would probably be hard to defend or dodge. 

‘...It can’t be helped.’

He didn’t like to show himself bleeding in front of people, but he had to acknowledge Gamigin’s skills. Let’s take her four legs in exchange for his bones being crushed. 

Braham’s thinking power accelerated. He tried to turn the inspiration in his head into a formula in the split second where it wouldn’t be strange if it ended right away. Partially—even a small portion was good. If he could express a new magic, even incompletely, he could blow away her sturdy legs. 


Braham had both eyes closed and his eyelashes trembled slightly. It was because his eyelids were constantly shaking. Braham’s jawline raised slightly because he gritted his teeth. Then his ears twitched finely. He detected noise. Gamigin was approaching. 

Just then, the moment ended. 

[Goddess of Light Rebecca has exerted her power. All frozen things are restored like it was a lie.] 

The frozen soul weapons scattered as ashes and the flames that covered the battlefield were extinguished without a trace. People’s cognitive abilities were restored to normal. The stunned eyes of all the creatures on the continent blinked. It happened before that one blink had even ended. 

“Truly amazing!” 

Gamigin had almost reached Braham. It was natural since she moved first before the world was restored. She lowered her raised front legs. The simple act alone produced wind pressure that seemed to make gravity heavier. The ground where Braham stood exploded. 

Braham’s mental world was destroyed. Braham’s mental world had been built from the time he was a vampire. It was natural for his mental world to be incomplete unless he could regain the power of a vampire. Blood flowed down from Braham’s eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. 

The magic power that formed a sphere at the end of his staff was flickering. It was a sphere that turned so fast it seemed to be stopped. 



The concept of destruction seemed to have become a sound. There was a roaring sound that was hard to explain and it felt like it shouldn’t be heard. Braham’s bones and heart were crushed by Gamigin’s hooves and it was more gruesome and terrible than the bursting sound.The thing that followed the noise was— 

“Kuaaaaaack!” It was Gamigin’s scream of struggle. She was belatedly aware that one of her front legs had disappeared entirely and her pale skin was purple. 

“Your soul...! I will cruelly torture your soul forever!” 


A great demon’s maternal love was so insignificant. Gamigin abandoned her desire to embrace Braham and glared at Braham with fierce eyes. New souls emerged from underground as if in response to her anger and killing intent. Just like the previous soul army, the number was in the tens of thousands. 

How could there be only one or two souls in the world who had died? Furthermore, souls didn’t disappear easily. It wasn’t a concept where they disappeared if they were removed. They just stayed in the river of reincarnation for a while. Gamigin’s army was endless. Additionally, among the souls she summoned this time were the old heroes who had earlier perished from Braham’s Meteor. They had been sent to the river of reincarnation at that time. 

“Get lost! Get out of my way, you bastards!” Peak Sword rushed out. He didn’t summon Iyarugt and jumped alone into the enemy camp. It was just to protect Braham. He had seen Grid after Khan died. He didn’t want Grid to experience that pain twice. 


The sound of a sword being drawn and placed in the sheath was repeated over and over again. Due to the nature of his class, he received a penalty for each consecutive attack. Even so, he cut at the soul army without caring at all. Once his left arm was broken and could no longer move, he held the sheath in his mouth and looked like a ghost as he moved. The same was true for the dukes and Red Knights that followed him. There was only ringing in their ears as they moved forward without caring about their bodies at all. 

-Ah... This is crazy... 

-D-Don’t tell me they will all die like this? 

-There is no way. Braham is invincible. 

-But now Braham... 

The army of souls was endless. 

A magician whose clothes were dyed red like his eyes just fired Magic Missiles indiscriminately. 

A swordsman drew the sword from the sheath in his mouth. Once his right arm was broken, he erupted with the spirit of Taekwondo and started throwing kicks. 

A beast king shed tears of blood and transformed into a beast when all the animals he raised were killed. 

The immortal king was captured by the souls that were endless no matter how many he knocked down and was no longer able to move. 

The knights became hedgehogs due to the soul spears and blades embedded in their armor, but they endured like giant trees. 

The rescued players and soldiers rushed back onto the battlefield to fight. They turned away from the hard-found path of retreat and sighed.

“Haha! Hahahahat!” In the end, the great demon laughed as she showed off her fully recovered legs. 

『 Ahh...! Ahh!!! Strong! It is overwhelmingly strong! 』 

-Ah, shit! This access restriction penalty is XX! 

-No, what are all the other people doing? Braham will die! 

A single digit great demon—those who realized the strength of an absolute being that they never knew before felt despair and frustration, and wept or cursed. The best talents the players knew were being defeated horribly. There were few people in the world who could comfortably accept this terrible reality. In the midst of their despair... 

“Braham.” A small voice clearly permeated the battlefield where screams and swear words were rampant. It was an alluring voice. It wasn’t just the viewers. The people dying at the scene were also shaken for a moment. “I think I will fall asleep again. So I’ll just give this back to you.” 

A drop of blood fell on the head of the ragged-looking Braham. The blood seeped into his terribly broken heart. 


The heart, which had been weak for hundreds of years, started beating vigorously. 

“Your strength.” 

One of the 3 evils of the beginning—the blood of the 3rd Great Demon, Beriache.

[Your apostle ‘Braham’ has regained his power as a direct descendant.]

At this moment, it once again flowed through Braham’s veins.

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