Chapter 1497

The human race had been in danger of collapse from the great demons in the 30s and 20s. Using common sense, they knew that the single digit great demons were very strong. However, many people mistakenly thought that the gap between 9th and 10th place was close. 

Only a handful of people knew that the gap between these rankings was actually like heaven and earth. It couldn’t be helped. There were still few users who had a deep understanding of the worldview. Among them, only one had experienced the hell episodes properly. Even Yura didn’t understand all of hell. She hadn’t reached the depths of hell yet. The world’s flow was too fast compared to the users' growth. 

It meant there was no one who precisely knew the level of the 4th great demon. The best great demon apart from the ‘3 evils of the beginning’ who were impossible to replace... 

If this modifier was directly attached to the world message, ordinary people wouldn’t have felt anything. They didn’t know the concept of the 3 evils of the beginning, meaning Baal, Amoract, and Beriache. It was natural not to know—Grid had only recently found out about it by seeing the murals. 

-Crazy, Braham is here. 

-The situation is over ᄏᄏ 

The legendary great magician, Braham Eshwald—he was famous even before his resurrection. He had played too active a role by defeating the Yatan’s Servant with a single finger and possessing Grid’s body to defeat Kraugel in the National Competition. Of course, his identity wasn’t known at the time and it was only revealed a long time later... 

In any case, people thought of Braham as invincible. He was popular because he was a handsome man. If Kyle was a regular in the top 10 popularity votes for female users, Braham was popular with both men and women. He was the immovable first place in the popularity vote. There were all types of fantasies that Braham was one of the big shots who was recognized as being perfect at some point in time. No one could imagine him being defeated. 

Uwahhhh!” Even though some parts of the city were wiped out by the meteorites and even though some people were on the verge of death or dying. People who shouted and screamed in desperation. They cheered as Braham appeared and killed Zepar, who exterminated the imperial army, and as he slammed a meteorite into the face of the 4th great demon. 

Of course, many people were inwardly concerned. Titan was the largest city on the continent. Now Braham had devastated around a fifth of it. It wouldn’t be strange if tens of thousands of people were killed in the explosion. Of course, there would be a lot more casualties if the great demon was left to rampage, but... this was a bit too much. The anxious viewers focused on Braham’s appearance on the screen. 

‘What is this?’ Cold sweat was running down Braham’s back. Of course, his appearance was nonchalant. His chin raised high in the air remained the same. However, Braham was a bit... no, he was quite flustered. He had just called three Meteors in total. 

One was Meteor magic used in real time and the other two were Meteor magic prepared with Alarm in advance. The moment the Abyss was opened, he captured Zepar’s movement path and roughly predicted when and at what point a mighty enemy would emerge. 

Only one of the three Meteors hit Gamigin. The other two were also in range of Gamigin. This was due to his accurate predictions of the war situation. It could be described as great insight and computational ability. In any case— 

Once again, Braham had pulled three meteorites from space, but it was actually a huge 27 meteorites that appeared. Not all 27 meteorites had the same power. Assuming that the three Meteors summoned by Braham had 100% power, the remaining 24 Meteors only had a destructive power of 3-10% The problem was that this alone was a great power. One-fifth of the city was destroyed.

‘The cause is this staff.’ 

Braham’s cold gaze turned to the staff in his hand. Belial’s Staff was strengthened by Grid himself using the by-products of the last hell expedition. Braham, who was just a magician (?), didn’t know it, but Grid’s process of strengthening an item was never ordinary. The new design complemented the shortcomings and added better materials. Rather than strengthening the power, it injected the power of a god. 

The Overgeared God’s power—It was ‘Innovation.’ 

Braham’s weapon was far more powerful than he expected. 

‘Is it that the magic leaves afterimages and that afterimage replicates the magic?’ 

Braham saw through the staff’s new features instantly. He analyzed and understood why there were 27 Meteors instead of three using his knowledge. 

‘It isn’t just a concept of boosting power. It multiplies the number of spells that are cast, leading to multidimensional effects.’ 

It was the realm of a miracle. Grid had created an absurd monster. 

‘I have to get used to using it.’ Braham sensed it—this staff wasn’t a weapon for magicians, but a monster that devoured them. It was clear that an ordinary magician would lose control and self-destruct if they used this staff. However, he was different. He quickly understood and controlled it. 

He hadn’t regained his direct descendant power, but his ability as a ‘magician’ had already been restored. It was the complete resurrection of Braham Eshwald in his prime. The hydra subjugation, the hell expedition, and Hell Gao’s raid were of great help. In the first place, the amount of experience he gained was unrivaled. 

Just then, a cry of reassurance headed toward him. “Sir Braham! The people have been evacuated, so you don’t have to worry!” 

It was Duke Grenhal. There wasn’t a single lie mixed in his words. Wouldn’t they have evacuated the people after predicting that demons were likely to invade from the Abyss? Most of the people left in the capital were combat personnel, players, and guild members. They were people who could fight. Of course, this wasn’t everyone, but the remaining public had been completely evacuated by Duke Grenhal just a little bit earlier. It was possible with the help of the Red Knights and Duke Morse. 

Braham spoke in a voice with no fluctuations, “How boring. Did you think I was worried about people?” 

He was sincere from the bottom of his heart, but it was true that he felt more comfortable. The sweat that he felt wetting his back dried up. He removed it with the Cleanse magic and was refreshed. 

“I’m sorry that I tried to guess your heart,” Duke Grenhal politely apologized. He focused on the approaching Braham’s words and was nervous. This was the case even though as the duke of the empire, he was below one person and above ten thousand people. 

The strongest great magician of all time—Braham's name had this much weight. 

Ahah... Ahahat! Amazing, truly amazing...” There was the sound of scratching iron. The voice that emerged from burned vocal cords that were forced to move was very bizarre. 


People’s eyes shifted to the center of the giant crater. They saw a centaur standing tall. The lower body was fine without a single scratch while the chest was burning vigorously. The appearance beyond the flames was creepy. The torn, fragmented, and melted flesh and bones were crushed and tangled together like mud touched by a child’s hand. Gamigin’s upper body that looked like a beautiful woman was horribly distorted because it couldn’t understand the aftermath of Braham’s Meteor. 

“What? Beriache’s blood... It is so great...” 

Gamigin’s body was regenerating despite the flames that hadn’t been extinguished. The bent neck bone and spine that had been twisted like thorns stood upright again. The heart, which had become a lump, returned to its original shape and started beating. The shattered skull once again appeared round and the burnt skin was covered as she showed an ecstatic expression. 

“I want you... Yes! I will have you!” 

The fallen arms were reattached, the voice cords healed, and her voice was restored. Gamigin’s eyes, which had no pupils and only contained the whites of the eyes, accurately fell on Braham. 

Dozens of magic circles floated around Braham. It was the great magic prepared during Gamigin’s recovery. 

Braham murmured, “You are dirty and vulgar.” 

Dozens of spells with different powers and effects filled the sky and earth. It was a wave of attacks that were impossible to respond to. Why was Braham’s magic stronger than ordinary magic? It wasn’t just the quality and quantity of mana and the difference in techniques. 

Braham basically predicted and induced the other party’s response. He analyzed all factors such as personality, nature, purpose, situation of the battlefield, environment, and even the weather and wind direction of the target to make his magic hit the target faster, stronger, and more effectively. 

“......!” The smile gradually disappeared from Gamigin’s face as she galloped dizzily in curved and oblique lines to avoid the magic offensive. It wasn’t because she received fatal wounds. It was because she naturally moved away from Braham while being wary of particularly threatening magic. Gamigin quickly realized that it was very difficult to approach him. 

‘Beriache gave birth to a monster. No... isn’t it more that she gave birth to something pathetic that became a monster?’ 

Beriache didn’t use magic. To be precise, she didn’t need to study magic. It was possible to exercise a near almighty power with just a drop of blood. There was no reason for Braham to become a magician if he had inherited even half of Beriache’s power. 

‘Poor child. You look like this because you weren’t loved by your mother.’ 

Look at you now. Where is the blood of one of the great three? You are seen only as an inferior human magician who has no choice but to practice magic for the rest of your life because you are trivial and weak. 

Gamigin felt sorry and her heart was moved. As the ruler of the dead who cared for lost souls, she felt maternal love. She wanted to help Braham. Unlike the trivial behavior, she truly wanted to take that strong and noble soul and keep it with her for the rest of her life. 

Ahh! Braham!” After suddenly waking up from her thoughts, Gamigin realized that she had fallen into a big trap. The land that she stood on naturally after avoiding Braham’s magic—she felt a great deal of mana seething underground. 

“It is great! It is praiseworthy! You had no power after being abandoned by your mother and struggled like a bug unable to escape a spider’s web! I’ll make you my son!” Gamigin’s cry was torn apart and stretched as it was swept away by the magic trap that burst like a volcano. 

People were dumbfounded. Gamigin’s words were obviously nonsense. Braham didn’t have powerShe wanted him to be her son all of a sudden? They had to doubt that she had become senile. Gamigin’s temperament was unusual and eccentric. She had ruled as an absolute ruler in hell all her life, which was completely different from the human world. There was no common sense. 

Every time a notion came to her mind, she didn’t distinguish it from reality. She immediately accepted ideas that suited her taste as reality. She even forced it on others. Gamigin fully had the ability to do so. Even if she changed the world according to her will, she wasn’t afraid of any future trouble. 

Um...” Braham was deep in thought. This time again, he focused on the lower body without a single scratch. He watched Gamigin’s appearance and performed hundreds of calculations at the same time. He was looking with interest at Gamigin’s lower body that wasn’t damaged by Meteor’s physical power, fire magic’s explosive power, ice magic, gravity magic, or the intervention of secondary magic. Inspiration that never existed before was flooding his mind. 

Of course, he wasn’t affected by Gamigin’s nonsense. The only thing that mattered to Braham was what he thought, not what others said. In the first place, Gamigin’s interpretation was wrong. It wasn’t that Braham didn’t receive a power from Beriache. His strange personality caused his power to be taken away. 


After playing, Gamigin rushed head-on toward Braham in the distance. Based on a few calculations, she noticed there was no need to avoid the magic.

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