Chapter 1493 (Teaser)

When did he get cut? The blood flowing from his eyelid kept trickling. The fact that he was hurt without knowing it brought a great impact to Kyle. He had steadily built up his transcendence and there should be no attacks he couldn’t ‘perceive.’ 

Kyle had a body of lightning. Lightning flowed along with the blood in his body. He was abandoned by his parents due to it, but the lightning became a blessing to him, not a curse, after he gained complete control of it. Every time Kyle assimilated with the lightning, he moved as fast as lightning. His thinking ability accelerated in proportion. 

It meant the compatibility between the transcendent senses and Kyle was the best. It was fair to say there was no wound Kyle didn’t discern. 

Kyle actually calculated it—he calculated that he would never be killed by anyone unless he disobeyed the will of Overgeared God Grid or used the ‘arm’ that was filled with Martial God Zeratul’s obsession. Now at this moment, he thought his calculations were wrong. The demon, Zepar, brought him a strong sense of crisis. 

“Human transcendent...” Zepar crawled out of the remnants of the collapsed wall and laughed energetically. He was clearly laughing at the man staring at him while surrounded by blue electric currents. “Why don’t you gather back that electricity power? A transcendent looks like a frightened dog.” 

“This fucking crazy guy should fall down.” Kyle let out curse words. Zepar’s impression...

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