Chapter 1492 (Teaser)

Where to go and meet someone, how to get this item... 

Satisfy had few guidelines like this. It was a phenomenon that became more obvious as it entered the second half. The higher the level and understanding of the player, the less information that was provided to the player. The reason was obvious—freedom. 

Satisfy is a world where you could do anything. Don’t rely on quests or the system to narrow your choices and carve out your own life. 

There was a heated debate about the S.A Group’s attitude, but the atmosphere was mostly positive. It was because the less intervention there was from the game company and system, the more immersive the world became. If the S.A Group’s management policies were similar to those of ordinary game companies, people would’ve recognized Satisfy as a simple MMORPG, not another world. 

Yes, people tried to understand the S.A Group’s attitude as much as possible. However, they thought it was too much this time. The great human and demon war—compared to the Eternal Kingdom’s golem invasion and the great demon invasions that occurred without notice, this time there was ‘advance’ notice, but... the information was too poor. People didn’t know why, when, and where the great human and demon war would occur. 

Now they realized why the S.A Group had given this advance notice. The difficulty was higher than ever. 

20 minutes after the war began—in just 20 minutes, hundreds of millions of people across the continent were experiencing...

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