Chapter 1491 (Teaser)

“Black Knight. I have always wanted to compete with you.” 

“Why are you here...?” 

On this day, Eligos had been surprised quite a few times. Was there a history where so many legends were born at the same time and worked together? Additionally, the level of those who weren’t legends was also quite high. Something, or someone, was raising the potential of humanity. 

Eligos had complicated thoughts in many ways and felt an unfamiliar sense of crisis. His mood wasn’t pleasant. At this time, Leraje appeared. It was also on the side of the humans. 

“Who is it?” 

There was a stir among the expedition members. Attention was focused on the unidentified demon who appeared to be the enemy of their enemy. There was no law that the enemy of an enemy was an ally, but they saw the possibility of a small break. 

Only Kraugel’s expression stiffened like a stone statue. His eyes widened. He couldn’t recognize the face or name of the demon due to the hat she was wearing, but calluses were covering her small hands. Her body appeared slender at first glance, but muscles had developed delicately in certain areas. Her posture was straight and her breathing was constant. Her demonic energy wasn’t exposed and it was arranged very neatly. 

Kraugel saw it instantly. 

This demon had been trained. The demons he met so far only...

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