Chapter 1489 (Teaser)

Black Knight Eligos wasn’t obsessed with his ranking. 

A symbol—he wanted to be a symbol of hell. So he stayed at Dog’s Mouth, the 20th Hell, for thousands of years. Along with Cerberus, who left footprints in mythology, he guarded the river of reincarnation and carved his own appearance on the souls of the dead. He left his name on the cries of souls who craved a life they would never regain again. 



I am hell. 


The great human and demon war was an insignificant festival for Eligos. However, he realized that from a human standpoint, it was a disaster that had to be desperately prevented. He stood in the way of the Demon Slayer’s party and foreshadowed their despair. 

Eligos planned to leisurely enjoy the scene. Then an unexpected situation developed. There wasn’t any fear and despair on the faces of the humans. It only passed by for a moment before disappearing. Eligos took it as a humiliation. 

“You... aren’t afraid of me?”

Looking down on him was like looking down on hell. 

“You are arrogant people.” 

Under the dark helmet, a red light flashed in Eligos’ eyes. There was a thunder-like sound and there was a long light. It was blood. The red light wasn’t in response to his anger, but was an optical illusion caused by blood spurting up to cover his vision. 


He was cut? 

Eligos belatedly perceived Faker behind him. “Lantier.” 

Cerberus, who was carrying Eligos, was several dozen meters high. The opponents who fought Eligos inevitably had to climb it. Topographically, this meant Eligos always had the advantage. He was in a position to...

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