Chapter 1488 (Teaser)

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!] 

[You have died.] 

[A legend doesn’t die easily.] 

[The duration of immortality is over.] 

[Your race has changed into an undead. Some resources will be changed to health.] 

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!] 

[You have died.] 

[You are in an infinite return state.] 

[You will be resurrected immediately and the cooldown of all skills will be reset.] 

[The penalty of infinite return has doubled experience loss.] 

[Your level has decreased.] 

[28 hours have passed since the connection timeout has elapsed.] 

[This is based on reality time.] 

[We believe that the player’s life is very dangerous.] 

[According to Satisfy’s operating provisions that the player agreed to, the player’s safety and rescue arrangements...] 

“Gasp... Gasp... Gasp...!” Agnus ignored the intermittent, buzzing notifications. No, it was more accurate to say he wasn’t aware of it. How many days had he spent in this world? Agnus didn’t remember. He couldn’t afford to count it. 

Marbas—Agnus only moved forward to approach the individual who was a great power in hell, who infinitely...

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