Chapter 1486 (Teaser)


In the warm sunshine, Haster’s scream leaked through the window. Maybe it was because it was too low and deep that the scream wasn’t bad to hear. It sounded like music, in the same way as a bird’s twittering. Grid was standing in front of the furnace in distress. In just a few days, Haster had improved significantly and succeeded in winning against seven God Hands, but Grid couldn’t afford to admire this. 

‘I need flame strength like never before.’

The form of the dragon weapons had been determined. He planned to forge the blade with a gentle curve. It meant he would make a dao rather than a sword. 

During the duel with Biban, Grid felt his limits when performing the sword dance while pulling out the Falling Moon Sword. The act of taking out weapons from his inventory—this was possible in 0.1 seconds for Grid. The average person couldn’t react this fast. It was due to years of conscious training. He had to swap items much more frequently than other people. 

However, Grid determined that this was too slow. Biban’s level was too high. If Biban had been aware of the existence of the Falling Moon Sword and was wary of it, he could’ve thwarted Grid’s item swap. 

‘I will fight many strong enemies like Biban in the future.’ 

Grid felt the need to prepare countermeasures. At the same time, he recalled the drawing sword technique and battojutsu...

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