Chapter 1485 (Teaser)

“We’re back.” 

There were concepts that increased in value over time. Reputation was one of them. 

The Red Knights of the golden age, led by Piaro—they brought countless glories to the Saharan Empire and became legends of the empire. It had been like this since they were cleared of their unfair charges. The story spread so rapidly that it seemed to surpass the greatness of the Undefeated King who caused Lubana to rise. 


The heroes that their homeland gave birth to only to abandon. 

After a fierce battle, the knights and soldiers watched the successful capture of the dark elf king and their eyes became wet. 

Thrills and sorrows intersected. The final emotion was shame. Why did they, who devoted themselves to their nation all their lives, have to be kicked out? They, who deserved praise, were deprived of their honor, lives, and families, and suffered. Why couldn’t their nation trust them? Why weren’t they protected? 

The history of the great empire, which should’ve lasted for thousands of years, might’ve disappeared the moment it turned its back on these people. No... it wasn’t too late even now. The empire changed with the coronation of a new ruler. Empress Basara was carrying out various reforms. They were convinced that the empire that expelled the...

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